Borderlands 2 Review: maximum diversity

Borderlands 2 hits store shelves and is in the hands of enthusiasts. Is this the long-awaited game of Borderlands or we are dealing with a weak sequel, produced only manufacturer to increase accounts Gearbox and publisher 2K Games site?

Five years after the events of Borderlands, Handsome Jack, who took over the reins and lead Hyperion Corporation Pandora, November 4 offers to help players find a great hidden treasure on Pandora, a new so-called Vault. Great Handsome Jack directs them to the treasure but it turns out to be a deadly trap. Jack betrayed, but with great fighting skills, the four manage to escape immediate danger, however, and found themselves in a region Pandora’s ice cream. Astfe? from the start we know the antagonist of the game.

Like the first title in the series, Borderlands 2 is a first person shooter that includes many elements of RPG. In fact, the game producers go further and say that Borderlands Series has created a new genre: Role Playing Shooter.

Borderlands 2 offers many possibilities to customize the game experience with elements such as leveling system, different skill tree, four classes of characters and the multitude of weapons that can be found throughout the game.

Characters to choose from in Borderlands 2 are Axton (Class Commando), Maya (Siren), Salvador (Gunzerker) Zer0 (Assassin). A fifth character named Gaige (class Mechromancer) will appear at a later date as a DLC. The protagonists of the first game are also present in Borderlands 2 as NPCs.

It is almost impossible for two players to have a similar gaming experience, even within the same class there are three different skill trees. Any choice of character development can radically change its approach to fighting. For example, a character from Assassin class can tip the balance towards sniper skills (low recoil, high zoom, high firepower) or to attack with sword skills, the latter being the choice we did not do it.

Diversity is incredible weapons and their choice also influences the whole experience. From grenades to rocket launchers, which can be found every weapon has different characteristics but easy to compare, thanks to a very intuitive graphical interface. Since we switched to interface and ease boast that can be managed inventory, for sale, purchase or throwing an object is now a breeze.

Shooting a gun is an interesting experience, each weapon having its own personality and way of life decrease enemy. Borderlands 2 is a shooter based on damage values (like RPGs like Diablo), so except for very weak enemies, a headshot will not kill the enemy but will decrease the life, often at a rate higher than that was hit in the body.

The main story line is coherent and well built, but the game offers a diverse range of secondary objectives from investigative missions and by killing monsters for their fur, hat adorned only good for a distinguished gentleman. Humor from the first Borderlands fans can be happy: and Borderlands 2 comes with an abundant supply of moments that elicit laughter.

But Borderlands 2 is not simply a shooter rpg. Like the first game in the series, co-operative multiplayer mode is present and does its job excellently. Basically you can play the whole game by yourself or with 3 people. As the session game has more players (up to 4) enemies on that server become stronger to give players a challenge since their number. Obviously, the difficulty drops when a player disconnects.

All co-op mode is the scene in which one can easily see how the characters’ skills complement and enrich the gaming experience. For example, if all four classes would be present on a server, and they could use specific powers to eliminate the enemy tactically. Zer0 can activate a hologram that will keep you busy while the real enemy Zer0 sneaks and hit him from behind with his sword stronger then raises Maya enemy in a ball harmful energy assets, Axton may place a fixed machine gun riddled intelligent opponent still under the spell of Maya and do the same activating Salvador and the dual-wielding, ie the ability to use two weapons simultaneously. The result? Removing a powerful opponent in a completely different way from single-player experience.

I can say, however, that in order to have a pleasant experience in co-op, you need to be resourceful. Equipment, ammunition, money or valuable materials that can be taken by the enemy killed or supply boxes are provided on a first come-first served basis. This means that a player could run out of ammo fun and money after a while, but when life is cruel … you have to adapt.

Borderlands 2 Enemies are varied both visually and behaviorally. There are dozens of kinds of creatures more or less humanoid and even robots, each with their own weaknesses and strengths. Comes to mind is often the enemy who makes me laugh every time: a fat and angry giant that can be decapitated with a well placed shot (especially the sniper), at which time starts to run angry fists before to every living thing around him – often that means quite a fight starts between him and his friends, attended as a spectator.

Vehicles are also present in Borderlands 2, but their control seems incredibly simplistic and clumsy achieved given the complexity of the game overall.

Aesthetically, Borderlands 2 keep at-shaded graphic style that made the previous title, but with some improvements. The game looks gorgeous, like a comic book that came to life and the world of Pandora is simply delightful. Each area in which the task is vast, beautifully detailed and colored.

Borderlands 2 is a solid game that has built a complete experience by joining the best parts of Borderlands fans with suggestions. We are dealing with an exciting story, a campaign long (around 30 hours), more customization options and superb graphics. Borderlands 2 bears with dignity and pride on the series name, is a better game than its predecessor.

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