Call of Duty : World at War

Grand winner of the war FPS military each year involving more than a dozen game publishers, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had succeeded in giving a boost saving the genre leaving players of historical conflicts of the twentieth century for the plunge in intrigues contemporary tonifiées by staging a suffocating tension and a remarkably controlled. A success for its developer Infinity Ward and his publisher Activision, which could well be reissued with the upcoming release of fifth album. For Call of Duty 5, however, the U.S. firm has decided to resume its old lubies and return under the bombs of World War II, entrusting the game development studio Treyarch, already in charge of very average CoD 3: Moving Forward to Paris. A choice that carries with it grounds for concern among fans of the series, anxious to know whether this new FPS will take advantage of decisive contributions made by the last episode to date, we have been trying the demo of the game, this at the Games Convention in an attempt to provide an initial response to only a few months of its release.

To ensure the rotation of Call of Duty 4, and it requires developers Treyarch has therefore applied to marry their work with the third episode scripts rapid and devastating game of Infinity Ward. There is therefore the Second World War and its hundreds of hot spots around the globe summarized in a title, World at War, with a staging more support than before. Players rôdés on previous episodes will therefore remain in familiar territory, with a responsive and satisfying gameplay and an arsenal seen and reviewed. Only the flamer, available at our mission of the Pacific, made his entrance onto the battlefield: effective, perhaps even too despite its limited scope, this new weapon could engulf the soldiers hidden, for example, in a bunker or tree, or to force their way and allow the dispersal of our allies on the ground. The entrevus environments in the demo of the Games Convention differed, finally, by a relatively open architecture, the opportunity for each player – it was indeed a part in cooperation in four – to break the enemy ranks the leadership of its choice.

Passage (s) in force

The problem with semi-open environments, especially in a FPS, is it usually a Artificial Intelligence prime able to anticipate and react to each of your initiatives. Already not very at ease during our breakthroughs in solo, in hiding without much conviction on the battlefield as you outline, the enemy is simply exceeded at the cooperative mode to four. Between the players at your side, the soldiers of your unit controlled by the IA, and Japanese soldiers who jaillissaient the four corners of the screen to kill you, war is rapidly taking on the appearance of large foutoir anarchic, where everyone darkens above is a major strokes of bayonets. Bourrin, CoD: WaW the east and it certainly is not necessarily an evil, but it must be noted that the challenge of title remained well below expectations, so it was easy to break into the enemy lines, basting lead any helmet beyond. For some, this part looked like the team deathmatch against an armada of bots a little simplets, except in rare places where the provision of enemy units forcing U.S. troops to discipline a minimum. However, the increase was failing pleasant surprise, and that we can still come more than once to retreat or to planquer against a rock to not finish with a giboulée lead in the forehead. Players still will be forced to work when injured ally, it must then find and revive a few moments, the disabled poor soldier may nevertheless continue to draw from the ground, to clean around him pending relief. After this glimmer of brotherhood also touching that fugitive is almost of every man for himself on the battlefield. Each player is, anyway, too busy to save its own face the loaves spawns predators enemy soldiers.

And if the conditions under which we were able to try the game – a few minutes, amid brouhahas Germanic, with no indication on the storyline or the context of our mission – we will probably not stop a notice on the ambiance itself, we must recognize that staging it was rather neat. After crossing a swamp with no wolf and withstood the assaults of pliers and camouflaged military to face, players and their companions then landed on a vast bare and ripped by bombs, under the thunder of engines and aircraft the rain of enemy bullets. Without being too nervous for Modern Warfare, succession scripts knew surprise and revive action at the right time. We have seen better, it’s true, but we also saw worse; only certainty, in fact we had already seen elsewhere. The technical aspect does not surprise him rather than after the previous episode: correct, but not reversing, Call of Duty: World at War provides the essential remaining fluid, which allows him to excuse some textures a little baveuses here or there. This too short demonstration we will unfortunately does not draw more conclusions about what we reserve the new FPS, which will not surprise under the influence of Call of Duty 3: On to Paris in its overall architecture. Hopefully, however, that the solo in cooperative mode offers a little more challenging and more enemies bricks together, under penalty of being flared in a small handful of hours by most players. Costaud, pêchu, sure of its forces, but still looking for real peaks of intensity, World at War will have to prove itself worthy to ensure the succession FPS most sold by Activision last year. And once again needed.

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