Castlevania returns soon on DS

Despite the 3D and the new machines, Konami has not forgotten the roots of Castlevania and soon we should remember how beautiful with Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Presented a playable version at the Games Convention 08, this game of action / adventure reserved for the Nintendo DS could allow the series to regain its highest level of quality after a Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, which despite its qualities, also its share of detractors. What will he hoped with this new episode?

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia’s first feature to allow the star to a woman, something not so common. On the substitutes’ bench for the coup, the Belmont will not be too much to do in the event Dracula as the beautiful Shonoa is its name, will be prima facie equally effective on eradication of vampires and other creatures of the shadows thirsting for blood. Our heroine handles the finger and eye and dropped in the first monastery, we quickly noticed one of the original game which is the use of a button arm of the character. In alternating keys, you can move and attack with a weapon in each hand and cut monsters inflicting much damage. The downside of this technique works equally well with objects that magic is that it consumes bar endurance fairly quickly, and that Shonoa may find themselves temporarily without a defense in cases of abuse.

A Castlevania often occurs in a large labyrinthine castle that will explore bottom, but this time, progress in the adventure looks a little different. A mini-map will make its appearance at the outlet of each monastery and will choose the next box, which should mean that we have gaming areas a little smaller but also more diverse. For the rest, we have noticed the emergence of a grappler to boost travel in specific situations, and lack of management of the touchscreen unlike the previous episode, which was used frequently to escape the magic. More generally, it already seems likely that Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia reach to offer us a level of quality high enough. The visual achievement is simply magnificent with a very fine 2D coupled with a few 3D effects controlled. And the gameplay and a lot of action sprinkled with big boss like many RPG elements (gain level, magic, equipment management …) looks already well catchy. One way to monitor closely, therefore, pending also learn more potential features multi mentioned, but without further details. The output of the game is scheduled in Europe for the month of November.