The Chronicles of Spellborn in trials

Already gone through the test case playable there is a good little while, The Chronicles of Spellborn suffered last year of the famous syndrome “MMORPG the stuffing” and saw its release date pounce gradually since June 2007 until ‘the meanders of the end of 2008. Unless new report, the title of Spellborn International should therefore put an end to his endless beta test in a few months and benefits of the Games Convention again for a chance to test bench.

Without losing time with a creation of characters that has been explored in detail last year, the team game we invited him to fill a small basic quest in the world of Spellborn, which in one year, n ‘really has not lost its charm. At the controls of a Deathand – a subclass of Rogue – armed with a large axe and a skill deck covered with alien powers will tackle directly to a more or less a discreet camp bandits , A company Runemage very focused on suicide attacks. In essence, the combat system original Chronicles of Spellborn has not changed, he always organized around a rotating bar skills which obliges us more or less to juggle a multitude of skills in sequences that require a lot of reflection in the end. Significantly more fluid in its evolution that during our last test, this system finally showed its strength during this presentation and we very quickly understood the importance of sequential use of our powers when a group of five instructed to six enemies in our direction. Although fortunately, the philosophy of Spellborn wants the player is a true hero, capable of dominating several monsters its level without too many problems. This is undoubtedly why the average size of a spawn of at least three individuals bellicose, even though it will not play under penalty rambos finish lint.

From juice potato?

The Chronicles of Spellborn actually breaks with the system IA just stop where we find in most MMORPG current (and future), and we propose relatively intelligent enemies (yes, yes) or deliberately stupid. The animals, for example, will not really invent strategies advanced when attack, although some birds nearing extinction fun even when we disarm every five seconds as big fourbes. While addressing a group of humanoids, against, the battle becomes immediately more serious and strategic planning much more important. Each NPC aggressive met in Spellborn will in fact lead to fill a role corresponding to its archetype (warrior, mage, thief, etc.). And therefore it should be no surprise the enemy tanks we slow / block while their buddy the magician makes its distances and / or preparing a large lot that is very bad. How to choose its first target, to avoid the pitfalls of each type of enemy and monitor small smart fun that we bypass for the better we will stab imperative for survival in the MMORPG of Spellborn International, and this is definitely a good new. Add the combat system in real time to all these strategic considerations and you get bastons already calling a lot of skill, then it is never as the most common form of crude which is PvE.

Unfortunately rather limited duration (and pull interrupted by a catastrophic and fatal instantly), our presentation of Chronicles of Spellborn s’enchainait then on a furtive glance at some elements of the original gameplay, as the introduction of pirate attack / bugs on ships travelling between different shards (floating continents) of the world title. Hard obviously make a judgement after a comprehensive test session barely half an hour – especially since we are talking here about an MMO in the open-beta test – but we must confess that significant improvements in the combat system and the efficient organization of groups of enemies have made The Chronicles of Spellborn much more attractive than last spring. The future will tell if the title of Spellborn International Ltd will be able to succeed at the game in the ruthless world of massively multiplayer, and it is hoped very soon have the opportunity to put feet in this magical universe that could eventually be well more promising than expected.

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