Chrono Trigger will be released for DS

Another best-loved classical Square Enix RPG is heading to Nintendo DS, marking the official beginning of Chrono Trigger the United Kingdom.

First the bad news: Unless you have a time machine you’ll be left waiting for Chrono Trigger for Nintendo DS before the beginning of 2009. The good news is that the adventures of our young hero time to travel, Crono, will be strengthened for Nintendo DS using the dual screen presentation, touch screen game, and a brand new tower is not included in the game Super NES 1995. There will also be a game mode wireless allowing friends to explore the dungeons same set.

Chrono Trigger is legendary among fans of Square Enix and console RPG fans in general. It is clear from the same time as Final Fantasy III (FFXI Japan) and the classic Dragon Quest players Square Enix is also now bringing to the Nintendo DS. Chrono Trigger is considered a masterpiece for its Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball) and artworks character stirring music composer Yasunori Mitsuda. The gameplay is pleasantly unusual; alternate dimensions time leading to results with several scenarios and multiple endings. In some ways, ahead of its timeā€¦