Cursed Mountain: elements unleashed

It would tend to forget, but the Wii is also host games violent, distressing, adults, even among its catalogue. After the Resident Evil and more recently Project Zero, the case survival horror host soon Cursed Mountain, published by Deepsilver. A set of action / adventure that will play in the register of fear atmosphere. No wonder when the scenario calls to climb a mountain haunted …

Between stations delivered to zombies, alleys embrumées left to stray dogs and Japanese manors where the ghosts playing hide and seek, were thought to have any known. To stand out from the competition and bring a touch of originality, Sproing has chosen to borrow a way never explored so far, the one that leads to the peaks of a Himalayan summit. Incarnating a mountain on the slopes of a summit cursed, the synopsis has a priori nothing to do with a survival horror classic. Alas for our fearless climber, the player will travel quickly that the continuous cycle of reincarnation does not affect this region of Buddhists. No Nirvana for the dead in the region: their souls roam forever in the mist of the world from darkness, pending a future prey. The hero must overcome these terrifying visions if it wishes to find any trace of his brother disappeared.

The first trailer of the game released in the presentation left sub-hear a little more than a winding path infested with ghosts. The meeting with indigenous reluctant to see an alien landing in their territory to stage climbing itself, the game reserve some phases of adventure and exploration in addition to the fighting. As the ascent, the management of oxygen becomes a priority. Being the victim of hallucinations is never a good plan when ghosts roam. As we are on Wii, Cursed Mountain solicit remote and Nunchuk not only to climb, but also and above all to combat the enemies by performing a ritual with gestures and movements precise. The speaker will also act as walkie-talkie, to get the precious advice of a companion. It is hoped now that the graphics for the time being blurred and austere will be worthy of artistic work done upstream, and really pretty preparatory sketches that were used to create the universe. For the moment, difficult to get out at the sight of the first trailer, but the exit of the game to intervene during 2009, there remains sufficient time to lift the curse.