Alone in the Dark for PS3, long awaited changes

Released last June on Xbox 360, PC, PS2 and Wii, and widely criticized because of serious concerns handling and cameras, Alone in the Dark will attempt to redeem themselves in mid-November with an improved version PS3. And developers of Eden Studios seem to have listened to the grievances of all as we have seen in a small presentation of various changes planned for this milling at the Games Convention. If a brand new sequence, offering a pulsating hunting between a monster and Edward, is scheduled is especially later gameplay changes that followed.

First major change planned for Alone in the Dark on PS3: the camera may finally be headed by the player via the right analog stick on the throttle. However, the latter will always interact with the objects, but while leaving the left trigger supported this time. The set also promises to be faster, while the entire character promises a better reactivity in its movements. Another point of importance, the inventory has not been forgotten in this overhaul, since both our jacket open, the game will automatically pause. The combination of objects should still be more flexible and could involve elements without having to comply with a precise meaning. The favorites will also equip themselves quickly, without having to repeat a combination of objects if it has already been done in the past (for example by molotov cocktails, they will automatically build, provided that it possesses the necessary ingredients). The batteries for the flashlight have been abandoned, while the party leadership should show a better playability. Finally, Eden Studios promises for the PS3 version difficulty slightly revised downwards. What good then, or almost, knowing that all these improvements may not be applied to other versions of the game, but only a part of them through a big patch. It is hoped that in any case it will be enough to see this new Alone in the Dark finally have the gameplay that it deserves.