Dead Space returns

Dead Space continues its path of man to be ready to terrorize the world when it was released in October next set. Presented in playable by Electronic Arts in the Games Convention 2008, those who want one of action games gores the most recent years has left in its attempt Xbox 360. The opportunity to share with you some of our horror, and you can prepare in advance to one of the biggest butchers virtual either.

For those who have not followed the case, remember that a few words Dead Space is a game of action for the third person halfway between the spirit of the first films of the Alien saga, and the famous Doom 3. As you can imagine, the dominant taste of such a cocktail is the fear that paralyzes you to prevent you from moving forward. Because more than anything else, the atmosphere is quite exceptional releases the title that should scotcher more than one. Establish an atmosphere really cumbersome application of the method of care, and that is what seems to have understood the game developers who have chosen good ingredients. The hero of the game will have to fight every moment for its survival, lost in the middle of the space in a huge ship whose crew has been decimated by a species alien parasite. The corpses serving as hosts to these destructive beings can be found quickly confronted with vile creatures who have much more human, often able to transform even resist your attacks if you do not find directly their point weak. A occise head or torso cut in two may not be sufficient to prevent these horrors gigoter each member of which teems frantically to pissant blood, and seek until the last moment to shred you. So it would be better ensure twice have finished working with each enemy before leaving the room without having to go back three or four times to have peace of mind. It’s a bit there lies the very oppressive Dead Space: monsters that we encounter are so frightening and unpredictable as the player quickly becomes too suspicious and paranoid.

And frankly, there is for what. For the sadists who take care of its development have planned to make you sweat, even startling on many occasions. Bris ice unexpected enemies appear anywhere, sounds glauques whose origin is difficult to determine … Only paum√© in the middle of space in a large vessel populated by grotesque creatures and vicelardes, the player will have to contend with an additional arsenal rather limited for such situations as the main character is the foundation more than a technician combatant. The weapons, few can be enhanced with special terminals through credits to raise over the levels, and these all have special features that will get rid of his pursuers using his head a little rather than kilos of ammunition. The latter is rather rare, it will anyway not always a choice. Outside √©coeurante its atmosphere, the title looks pretty good also on the side of manoeuvrability. The version that we were in the hands we found a good overall ergonomics, and the relative slowness of the hero can quite understand in a product of this type. The interface is a bit special it with very little information on the screen, but a state of health of the heroes who appear on his suit and information (inventory, weapons) which will be projected in front of his face to aid ‘holographic technology: a tool to enhance the immersion and to forget that you are in a game with three levels of difficulty and backup terminals scattered throughout the ship, Dead Space attempt still to reach a lot of players, finally at least those who have the heart pretty well hooked to embark on this crazy adventure. And in our case, the few moments spent on this version have reinforced a little expectations in this respect which should increasingly be about him over the week. Rather pretty horrible in its style and perhaps more profound than it seems, this is a game that will fall in time to Halloween.