Dragon Ball DS: name and euro date

Rediscovering the adventures of young Sangoku since his meeting with Bulma, which looks at crystal balls, you feel like it? In any case, what will propose that we once called Dragon Ball DS and which today is called Dragon Ball Origins. Remember that this is an adventure game action to close the achievement of a The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, where all actions are done with the stylus. The whole thing will be sprinkled with humour, puzzles and of course fighting … even some hidden figures (virtual of course) will find and may be exchanged by players via the wireless connection of portable Nintendo.

Our Japanese friends have them the opportunity to try it as soon as September 18 next, for us it will take until the end of the year. In effect next December it announced the release of Dragon Ball European Origins. Until we Namco Bandai gratifie new catch, here are the latest available trailer, which reveals a small sample of what lies ahead, with graphics and a melody rather flattering.