Empire of Sports: second half-time

Already presented and playable at the Games Convention 2007, Empire of Sports took advantage of the year since our last zoom to grow with a beta-test that is currently hosting several thousand players sorted on strand. So at the outset that things have progressed well since our first matches played tennis last year, as a package of new sports are now available in the title of F4.

For a novice observer, beta Empire of Sports which has been presented this year in Leipzig could very well go for a completely finished product. Almost all sports provided by the team were actually implemented in the game, the tools necessary and indispensable community (clubs, management training, etc..) Are already ready and we will not suffer a small latency even playing from Germany on servers in Paris. However, the team’s game does not rush the launch of MMO athletes until everything is settled in minute detail, balancing necessary part of the RP advanced gameplay of team sports through the establishment a strong and dedicated community. Do not ever fell in front of the effort (virtual means), it has striven valiantly to the task of trying all these options that are currently in the midst of “development”, history to see just what he returns.

We know from a long time now, Empire of Sports will allow everyone to create a super athlete from head to toe, and work its characteristics to the hard to make a real gross or in the sports that we more interested. What is not known by cons is that each of the existing sports disciplines in Empire of Sports (ski tennis, through the bobsled and many others) will propose a tree of “talent” specific, that we will during our careers. The tennismen may, for example, mastering the art of “Magnetic fire”, which allows you to hit full line for a certain period without ever risking the ball out of the ground. Practice for the return cannons. While a lot of bonus similar, whether passive or active, will enable everyone to tip the balance in their direction during the critical moment, though we should not rely on these skills alone to win the victory. A quick glance at current ranking of the best tennis players of Empire of Sports we confirm indeed the thing, since athletes placed on the podium are rarely those who have the level of XP highest. That is to say once again, winning the game of F4 will be more a matter of personal ability and tactical than statistics.

Improving our character in any discipline will be possible by other means, such as buying equipment. Available in specialty shops that speckle streets of every city of Empire of Sports, specific objects we will then benefit from a reinforced strike blows for our rights, here is an increased endurance for prolonged efforts. Access to that material will be, against, not a small matter so the prices displayed by these virtual shops may seem mirobolants. Fortunately it is always possible to equip themselves to win some tournaments, and even find a racket that also surpuissante free proving our value against the greatest. Even in cases of repeated defeats, there will always be a minimum since winning each match will bring at least some XP / money whatever happens. The less gifted players may even draw on techniques of the most famous athletes attending their matches, while athletes eager to make nice sums involved in the matches they are almost sure to win.

Find a challenge to our arrivals in Empire of Sports is the simplest way of the world, just enter it in a sort of cabin dedicated to the sport that interests us to have a look at the parties who are currently in preparation courses and possibly join other athletes hungry for victory. It is also possible to continue batifoler in town until more people connect to our party for team sports, even if some of them should be playable in a relatively small committee. Football, for example, will of course be available in its classical version to 11 players (noting that the goal is controlled by the IA), but 5 against 5 or even 3 against 3. In all cases, each player will find a real one single position on the ground and it will require teamwork pushed and communicate effectively to bring all this beautiful world to victory. A note in passing that the game of football Empire of Sports has little to do with FIFA and other Pro Evolution Soccer, since there controlling our keyboard player while firing trajectories to decide mouse. It requires a certain course of time taken in hand, but still provides a bit of fresh air in the land of clones. All that to say qu’Empire of Sports has always seemed as fresh after a year, even if the interests of certain disciplines (Random bobsleigh two) seems for the moment still much lower than that of sports stars “As football or tennis.