Fable II: dress rehearsal

Promises, promises still … and finally the true Thursday after several months of development and information carefully distilled in dribs and drabs, Fable II offered the Leipzig Games Convention a face attractive well. It must be said that world output is around the corner for Action-RPG Lionhead finally ready for a great dress rehearsal. New impressions live from Leipzig.

What’s better than the first quest to bring the gameplay of Fable II to the test? Exploration, interactions, fighting, coop, the short presentation GC addressed in turn the main elements of Fable II, widely portrayed for several months. Nevertheless, discover how they revolve once in the game finally announced something concrete. The dog sniffs the vicinity to report the presence of a chest or approaching enemies, the gypsy camp where you can measure the affection of the NPC to the hero, who always have the means to interact with the system icons; finally triggered the quest itself with a bereaved mother who is desperately seeking his son Charlie. The hero, in his great coat Dark monk, could send bouler, but for the purposes of the demo, both the note and take direction from the Tomb of Heroes. As was explained Peter Molyneux a few months ago, a drag star players will indicate to hurry the journey to follow, if they wanted to devote himself to the main quest without completing secondary objectives.

Once visited the site, the hardest part begins. To have violated a sacred tomb without permission, the main character finds himself besieged by an army of ghosts, while far this benĂȘt Charles agitated. The time dream to see a second player grasp the joystick and join the main character for a local coop, the online game is also planned. As soon appears menu multi, with a very welcome option for all future followers of the two players. It would be possible to set the sharing of experience points and gold. As announced, each enemy deceased leave choir of colored gems with the type of attack used for pourfendre. Thus, the player can see what kind of permanence skills increases, attacks melee, distance attacks or spells, it is of course possible to combine, as announced a few weeks ago. In case of early death, the player will lose the accumulated experience in combat, but will resume the battle after a small respawn. The deluge on the screen is reflected in some slowdowns a little embarrassing, which contrasted with the elegance and fluidity of the first environments, in the light of sunset. However, if the NPC Charles were to die, is following the adventure which could be disrupted. The battle could end with this umpteenth stinging reminder to seal a best-of rather attractive. For the record, Fable II is available with us on October 24.