FIFA 13 Review: Winner by points

The problem is quite simple: hit’s been a year, EA released another FIFA game. As expected, EA Sports continues its triumphant march with FIFA 13, but based more on competition than apathy who knows what improvements revolutionary formula to FIFA. But seeing that the news brought by the new games are worth mentioning and what chapters should be held to the ears producing team.


Even though at first very little was changed from FIFA 12, some elements of finesse jump right in the eye, especially in terms of gameplay. In addition to improved physics engine Player Impact Engine, FIFA 13 serious attention by two changes: First Touch Control and Attacking AI. Both severely affect gameplay, making the difference from past generations of FIFA.

First Touch Control refers to the ways in which players control takeovers made after centering passes or coming from teammates. Depending on the characteristics and level of physical freshness of these players, such acquisition may be made perfect or flawed, and there is a risk that jump ball from a player in a piece of wood. This approach forces a more careful management of changes made in each match and, combined with more realistic injuries that can occur on the lawn, the game adds an extra element of realism.

However, the most important change was made in good AI teammates when the team is in the midst of a phase. In FIFA 12 the rest of the previous games in the series, footballers seem to be pushed from behind to attack, often the player is forced to stop, to give teammates time to demarcate and to reach favorable positions. Attacking AI corrects this shortcoming, computer-controlled footballers being able to consider alone attack phases, to demarcate lanes and run off, thereby making more spectacular attacks and smooth. Once you get used to these new features, you hardly can go back to FIFA 12.

Authenticity of FIFA 13 has been enhanced thanks to the new EA Match Day, a system by which the game can see the latest results from all major leagues in Europe, dynamically adapting characteristics and football teams to play as fairly as their actual performance . These changes are highlighted by commentators matches in FIFA 13, which emphasize their positions in the ranking results and the actual controlled teams.

It also introduced a third commentator, who shall inform the gravity of the various injuries that occur on the lawn.

Even if not vital, one of the most exciting new game modes brought Skill Games FIFA 13 is dedicated to performing tricks, dribbling different sites or other such phases. Conceived as a sort of tutorial on steroids, this game mode is divided into different mini-games that involve various challenges of balls centered to a certain position on the field, static opponents dribble and shot at goal, hitting positions namely the gate, etc.. Loading periods (where you can also try challenges) are so much more enjoyable and productive.

BUT … AS far from perfect

Unfortunately, other FIFA series of old problems were kept almost unchanged. If not used the manual, passes are sometimes a will of its own, heading towards fantasy positions, even if teammates better place nearby. Also, if the AI attack phase footballers was seriously improved when it comes to defense, we have the same robots unable to deviate from their default route, even if the ball is no meter to them.

And since I brought up the defense, FIFA 13 has returned to online restrictions applied to those who prefer the old method of controlling Legacy Defending. Again, if you play with Legacy Defending can not access any online ranked competition, being limited to simple unranked friendly matches. I will not go into detail on the differences between Legacy and Tactical Defending modes (introduced last year) and the advantages or disadvantages of each. Remains disturbing that in terms of the online EA are keen to continue to ignore an important category of public, especially since the DLC pack UEFA Euro 2012 did not impose such restrictions.

Another black ball is attributed to the graphics of FIFA 13, almost unchanged from the previous game in the series. During a match, you can hardly make any difference between this year’s and FIFA 12. Graphical improvements have been implemented but introductory sequences of matches, the atmosphere is maintained by the emergence of the cameramen who filmed or photographers.

There is no point to bring it back in no Romanian club teams in FIFA 13. But worth mentioning is the lightness with which it was treated plots documentation on achieving certain bands. Given juggling licenses that EA Sports, I do not find acceptable in FIFA 13 to wake up with a player like still playing for FC Porto Hulk.

Point END

Despite the smooth play on the attack phase, FIFA 13 fails to emerge not out against last year’s title. Simply stay with the impression that she reached a point where it can not seriously improve the current formula FIFA, probably waiting for the next generation of consoles to revolutionize the series again. Even though FIFA 13 is not in any way weak and remains the first recommendation on football games, like we expected something more.

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