Full test of Space Siege on PC

The idea of Space Headquarters was commendable, since developers Gas Powered Games attempting with this title to remove the hack and slash the grip of the heroic fantasy and involve us in history through a “revolutionary “Cybernetic implants. Too bad that the spiritual heir of the Dungeon Siege series is ultimately unworthy of the pedigree of its creators.

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The unusual context of Space seat does not alter the basic rules of the hack and slash, and it moves our hero Seth Walker a left click of the mouse drawing using the right mouse button. A classic bar allows skills in addition to operating up to ten special powers or objects (grenades, turrets deployable, etc.). To add a little pepper in our struggles, knowing that most of them use the energy to recharge a flinguant to go. Technically, there are all the ingredients necessary for good rigolades hours, and yet the sauce never took. The lack of energy and capacity varied or interesting really make fighting incredibly monotonous, and we pass the bulk of our time simply select an enemy until our basic weapon facing the work. Because you can not shoot in moving (while the enemies are, strangely) on bored quickly enough, to relive again and again the same bastons against monsters who change their appearance (aliens, robots, cyborgs, etc.). but who remain the final all similar. The arrival of our robot sidekick HR-V, which was presented as a big innovation by the team Thursday, will not add little to gameplay because the guy is not exactly a fine tactician and he will constantly remind order to avoid premature death.

It is fortunately very easy to resurrect, using the spare parts of Space Headquarters. Each trunk open enemy killed or destroyed hard cash actually precious few scraps of metal to be used for anything and everything in the title of Gas Powered Games. Improved features of Seth and HR-V (armor, points of life, etc.). Or even arms pass through this debris miracles, which are also used to “buy” or médikits grenades in Checkpoint rooms. The trouble is that the collection of these toys is supposed to replace the usual loot so important in the hack and slash and that it is therefore never pick up objects on the enemies that it kills. The ten weapons used in the final s’obtiendront a very linear in the following scenario, and there was therefore no chance of getting a “Assault Rifle D’+15 of the Owl” to detour a passageway Simply because the team decided Thursday that it would use light machine guns during the first part of the game, it was also smart to give a different role in each of weapons since, in the state, each toy that there are instantly makes its predecessor obsolete. The frequency with which our arsenal is maintained is also quite poorly regulated and sometimes we use certain weapons for just over half an hour before finding the next toy fashionable.

Half man, half robot

But, of course, all these considerations are futile revolutionised by ethical choices and the system of cybernetic implants, is not it? And maybe not. Once again, you will find here a glaring lack of ingenuity in exploiting concepts which, on paper, seemed interesting. As weapons, robotic grafts to recover over scenario only at the whim of developers, with a commentary on the various members of our crew will encourage us to use / ignore this technology. Once installed the thing, against, do not wait any reaction on their part, the “dilemma” no longer interested. And we no longer by the way. The famous “ethical choice” promised by Gas Powered Games is completely non-existent, and it eventually very quickly by installing all implants because it is the only thing “new” to be done and they release access to most of the skills of our tree talents. The latter is divided into two parts (and combat engineer) where he will spend the two points that we receive at each level. The character customization is still rather limited because the levels of XP are actually given arbitrarily to some “key points” scenario without that we can influence them whatever their achievement. Yes, yes; Gas Powered Games invented the hack and slash without loot and XP.

Despite all these flaws, the game even happens when we push forward steadily, without knowing really why, indeed. There is constantly towards our destination (and three different endings to the key) without really having fun during the trip, although all is not completely catastrophic. The fighting can be quite distracting through the exploitation of many elements destructible / explosives in sets, and later ultra-bourrin amusera without doubt the fans of action pure and hard. The cooperative multiplayer mode may be attractive for the same reasons, so he took his side défouloir by providing us at the outset what the game as weapons, implants and points of skills. It was only then worry about the battle which, if nothing transcendent in the end, can still be fun to several although there would also quick to play the last Shadowgrounds. In the end, we must recognize that lack Space Siege by far the target had been set, and that is not its graphic aspect dated and completely devoid of imagination in the design or soundscape more or less non-existent who will save from oblivion ahead.

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