GTA IV for PC presented

Is it still needs to submit GTA IV, the game sales record – and marketing clubs – Rockstar Games? Yes, if we are to believe the small private enclave on the stand of the publisher, an area specially set aside to unveil today at the press adaptation PC. After the Law on PS3 and Xbox 360, Niko Bellic resume its hunt from November 21. But not bother to wait any bonus missions in the commercial version. Besides the news does not look especially numerous.

Of course, requires PC, this adaptation will benefit from some optimizations graphics, at least in theory, since this pre-release n’├ępatait nor by its fluidity or finesse or resolution textures. Perhaps a matter of config or optimization, in any case, the gap with adaptations console was nothing blatant, apart from perhaps for the density of traffic in some neighborhoods. It must also be said that the mission of the presentation, Three Leaf Clover, is reputed to be one of the most daring in terms of action. For those who would not have the memory of names, it is the famous mission of hold-up, which sees the brothers Niko and the Irish mafia McReary assailed on all sides by the LCPD, the point of finding refuge in the arteries of the subway. Shortly disert, Rockstar Games promises a few new multi-side, without going into details unfortunately. New modes, number of players increasing, the label does not let go, but something is planned, with more filters parties to easily find themselves before they mitrailler. Finally adding PC replay function that will record any time the last 30 seconds of the game, with a small assembly / upload to share his best works with the rest of the community. That’s gangster.