Guitar Hero World Tour is a show maker

Already seen in June last detour to a presentation where he was unfortunately not playable, Guitar Hero: World Tour is undoubtedly one of the highlights of games this Games Convention 2008, at least if we judge by the crowd massaged daily to the few boxes available to perform this new Guitar Hero, the seventh (!) in three years. And to give a little peps the saga, écorchée slightly since the release of Rock Band with whom she engages in a genuine fraternal war, playlist, tools and functionality, this episode it emphasizes the arrival of drums and singing in the gameplay Guitar Hero, hitherto confined to the guitar and bass. Our obviously not innocent after the success of Rock Band, and whether Guitar Hero: World Tour will come to take the lead in this duel at all times and all shots are allowed, we are therefore among the long faufilés queues to tasting the beast a few moments.

Between critics wiped after resumption of the saga by Neversoft last year, resulting in a third episode to the more consensual approach, and exit-breaking Rock Band, Guitar Hero had to act. This is done with Guitar Hero: World Tour, which passes status copied copier adding in this episode a battery resembling more than ever the real instrument with its two cymbals in arrivals. Because unlike Rock Band which houses all the pads together, the new Guitar Hero proposes to him, no fewer than five, with three toms at the bottom and two cymbals a little earlier. To continue on the description of the equipment here now in its Xbox 360 version, it also noted the total absence of cable, or a MIDI for use in MAO for example, but also a pedal bass drum not very reassuring compared to the rest of this accessory, visibly costaud well and with excellent stability. Both aspects are in fact completely unrelated to this kick, which tends to wander at will beatings, blamed a grip on the ground obviously not very effective and the absence of strong link with all the accessory. The pedal is connected to the battery with a simple cable, a little cheap and above all a little long, traînera on the ground, or at best on our feet. It will take good care of the fix in an amount of the instrument in order to avoid embarrassment, to better focus on the gameplay itself, which incorporates the same principles that the parties guitars (a partition scrolling vertically with hints of color to play on the pads correspondents). There is the same solution used by Rock Band so pedal bass drum is clearly legible on the screen with a horizontal bar, violet in Guitar Hero: World Tour against yellow in the game for Electronic Arts (yellow is here associated with one of the two cymbals, in this case that of the left, making it the most often act as Charleston).

If the grip of the instrument should not be a problem too, even for novices, the owners of Rock Band them feel at home, but with feelings much better. Car beyond its outward appearance very close to the original instrument, the accessory of Guitar Hero: World Tour offers a touch similar to the actual e-drums, with a very good reactivity and especially excellent rebounds leaving room for accelerations and serious attacks, and on the toms like cymbals. Another good point, the instrument manages the dynamic and could therefore emphasize certain passages by hitting harder. One option also present on the battery’s basic Rock Band 2 which, despite some improvements already mentioned at E3, seems a bit below that of Guitar Hero IV, at least in the versions of the game encountered so far . With such an instrument in his possession, the game of Activision risk to tip lovers of power in its favour, while the guitar has also been reworked. Not really a point of view gameplay, but the accessory displays on the other hand, however, no reference to Gibson after a dispute between the two companies. Its shape takes rather than the traditional Stratocaster, a Jackson, while a new device comes to wedge into the centre of the race. It is a touch zone incorporating the same color scheme that the five buttons usual, with just a small groove to indicate the passage of a key to another. Again very inspired by Rock Band and his solo buttons, the system will not only impress the gallery tapping, but also trigger a few good effects felt. The various pieces offered in this version did not really perform this part of the game, it still remains to be discovered with good big solos. Also on this guitar, it also noted the presence of a new button at the easel, and to trigger the star power without having to spin the guitar skyward and endanger its combo underway. The rockers, the real, may still use the old method, most spectacular, but sometimes quite risky.

To complete our short tour of new tested during this first session of play, we must not forget the presence of singing in Guitar Hero: World Tour, an aspect showing once again that Rock Band (definitely). Specifically, the words and tone to adopt will be displayed at the top of the screen, just as in the Electronic Arts game, a few visual effects closely. They may still find other things in common between the two titles on the side of their respective playlist. Regarding the new Guitar Hero, Activision promises no less than 80 songs, all originals. Only a dozen of them, however, were available to this Games Convention, with Everlong of Foo Fighters, What I’ve Done by Linkin Park, but also of Beat It Mickaël Jackson and Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz. From Van Halen, The Eagles, Def Leppard and so on are also approached in this episode which, of course, will still be required to get rich after its exit through a ton of paid downloadable content as is currently the case with Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. And for the most insatiable, a mini studio will also create your own pieces in play, or to recover those of other players via the Internet. Another facet of this new Guitar Hero that we have unfortunately not been able to discover at this too short meeting, which promises, however, a comeback of the saga of Activision on the scene playing music (notably through its excellent battery), despite concepts for most borrowed from his first rival. Guitar Hero: World Tour débarquera October 27 the USA and in the wake us, therefore Xbox 360, but PS3, PS2 and Wii.