Too Human, full test on Xbox 360

Not easy for a game of pass the status of super-awaited blockbuster than wet firecracker potential. Presentations less engaging than expected, preview version marred by many problems … And now Too Human, which was to mark the comeback of Silicon Knights on the front of the stage, began to worry his world instead of the aguicher. Result: today, if one looks out of the game, it is mainly to know whether it eventually outsmart the pessimistic predictions. Alas, it seems this is not frankly the program. In any case, not totally.

Born to an improbable mixture, the world of Too Human evokes just as Blade Runner or Star Wars that The Legend of Beowulf. So is there projected in a futuristic world where technology is ubiquitous – spaceships, robots and laser guns the key. But Too Human also seeks to anchor themselves in a mythology much less avant-garde exploiting beliefs and legends northerners. The result is therefore the least unusual since it is found in the skin of Balder, a divine warrior son of Odin, sent to Earth with his fellow Ases to protect humans against the threat of the infamous Loki and his hordes robots, machines and other war zombies. Beyond this basic frame, Too Human tent at the option of cut-scenes long enough, but a few outstanding quality and especially the french dubbing really poor, the mini-debate around the mysterious past of Balder. The ambient Manichaeism therefore gently rocking to an ambiguity more interesting, but the staging penalty to give real substance to the scenario Thursday At least, an interest.

But no matter, Too Human does not confine itself to its history. All these have finally babillages for real function to give us a reason to darken the few dungeons of the game to find the boss places in the passage trucidant its armed creatures of all kinds. Too Human is willing, indeed, an RPG-Dungeon hard and it goes almost inevitably by a perfect linearity in the adventure, based primarily on fighting and the rise of our hero. For the latter, rightly, the player will have to choose initially between five classes: Champion (versatile warrior), Defender (costaud and resistant), Berserk (follower of the body-body), Commando (amateur firearms) and Bio Engineer (capable of treating his comrades). The range is varied enough so that everybody finds his behalf, but in fact, things are quite unbalanced.

More specifically, one feels immediately the complementarity of each character and one imagines already landed in the game with four classmates and clean up all this with passion and power. Unfortunately, the co-op online mode is surprisingly limited to two players and the cast suddenly takes a serious blow. This mode n’excusera, furthermore, no difference in levels between participants, as is the promise for the most powerful to do the job while his acolyte lower risk of moving from sales quarters of an hour. If one tries to ignore this serious regret, the multi knows to be valuable and fun, but it remains very difficult not emerge feel the frustration of not being able to enjoy the talents of other classes. Too Human seems therefore to the state paradoxically more geared for playing solo so well that only two characters really seem to successfully carve out in these conditions: Berserk and Commando. Two classes, each focussed on a specific aspect of gameplay and are therefore much more effective in these areas that the other three, too bâtardes too timid.

In Too Human, fighting want violent and dramatic, and most of the time, come very well. Silicon Knights has taken up the challenge to focus the handling of his game around the right analog stick. Déroutant the beginning, this choice is quite pleasant when mixed. Simply pointing in one direction so Balder “slip” to the enemy target and smashes copiously. A blow to the right, a blow to the left, our warrior will not pray for running in all directions and valdinguer enemies as vulgar rag dolls. By pointing at the same time the two analog sticks in the same direction, Balder will, furthermore, swinging an attack remotely effective or engage in a combination attacks the body-body well brutal. Finally, two strokes short of stick used to project the monsters in the air where they will wait until you sautiez them to better reach the chain. Despite the simplicity of handling, developers have managed to propose a range of moves vaguely varied. Unfortunately, it appears sometimes frustrating, as the fighting seemed dirigiste. The handling the stick and more experienced few failures. Without targeting system, our heroes will be sometimes a little lost kicking in a vacuum which breaks all the pace of fighting that their intensity. These concerns are indeed even more strongly when it draws a firearm, especially when one has opted for class Commando.

But one of the strangest things in Too Human remains without doubt the management of the health of our heroes and the inevitable moments where it will die. Specifically, outside the Engineer Bio, no class is fichue to care properly for the game The only way to recover from life is to reap the rare bonus of living dropped by some monsters. As our man is also unable to ward off a coup and that the system ducking (on rolls by pressing B) is not used much, we die devilishly often in the adventure. And each time, we have to enter twenty-five seconds of a cut-scene quickly unbearable during which a Valkyrie just pick up our corpse to bring to life the last checkpoint – the game ends happily and monsters already dead or wounded remain. Obviously, the death of his hero remains synonymous with a failure on the part of the player and deserves a “punishment”. But we still wondered how the guys from Silicon Knights were able to pass an idea as ludicrous, since in addition it makes the game easy, as long as one is patient and zen. It will also count barely a dozen hours to arrive after the main adventure, a snack for a game of its kind. Of course, those who have enjoyed the ride may be delighted with the s’essayant again in a new class to learn the game from another angle. But there are still widely enough to stay on their hunger.

It is all the more angry against defects Too Human that is sent throughout the adventure potential of the game this way, all the RPG elements that compose it is a frank success. The inventory management jostle where dozens of weapons and armor to varying effects (you can put more runes further customise your own certain items), trees (simple, but effective) to develop new skills his warrior … The quality of work of developers on these aspects of the game shows no sign of abating. This will be a nice carrot for fans of the genre who will see in these sides to a perfect reason to bear the burdens and blunders of the game because, despite everything, the vicious cycle of RPG-Dungeon and the race to unreasonable level – up to grow and evolve his personal succeed to take some players.

But these courageous GPR physiotherapists, there will also forgive Too Human shaky for its realization. Aesthetically first, the game is not always in the best taste with a particular character design not always very end. But technically, especially, Too Human hardly convincing. While some environments épatent by their gigantism and their exuberant architecture, others leave completely indifferent. The animations are equally difficult to see, in particular those of our desire to robotic hero. Of course, given the size of rooms visited and the number of enemies which will face Balder, the logic would like to simply excuse the relative discretion of the realization of Too Human. Unfortunately, it does not even avoid falling dramatic frame rate. To complicate things a little, management of the camera (obviously deprived of the right stick for the lead) is sometimes problematic and can not always a good grasp of the combat zone, because too low or simply located in the wrong place . When dozens of monsters we are targeting, that the NPC allies are useless, we can not (really) take care that the game starts to slow down and that more and can not focus properly because of the camera, it is better to be well armed … with patience.

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