Killzone 2 : multiplayer mode to the test

Included in the package of any self-respecting FPS, the multiplayer is of course one of the guarantors of the life of Killzone 2. One of securities-events of the PlayStation 3 was back in the corridors of Leipziger Messe, and after a detailed presentation of fundamentals, it was even possible to take control of the beast for two, three frags earthen German. Our impressions.

Developed in parallel with the solo campaign, the multi Killzone 2 will resume on the best elements of competition for better national ownership. It will be one of the rare console to authorize the reinforcement of bots, for both parties meet online, but also to train offline before embarking on the big bath. As Team Fortress 2, Killzone 2 will offer several types of classes, six in this case, represented here by a system of badges. Engineer, Tactician, Medic, Scout, Assault or Saboteur, each of these classes reserve capacity and a primary school. It will be mainly contributed to combine classes, and hence the skills to give rise to mixing. Thus, the engineer / medic may pose both the defence turrets and assist the wounded, while the scout / tactician will be a great help in taking advantage of his mobility to provide respawn points of the privileged partners of his squad . With regard to mechanical spawn, Killzone 2 will scan the surrounding area with a surveillance camera, to avoid being propelled again in the heat of the action. One team member may claim squad leader, and allow its sub-fifes back on the battlefield directly to the place where he is, the Battlefield 2. Four players form a squad capable of communicating among themselves with the microphone, eight squads form a faction. One principle he will certainly know better exploit the next mission assigned. Indeed, the type of mission can change at each goal achieved, which requires a maximum versatility, and possible changes in class during a game.

Killzone 2 promises to offer many options to customize its parts, despite its eight maps announced commodities, and five missions, which include the great classics of FPS multi under different names (Body Count for deathmatch, Capture for the Dead CBC). A battery of filters fuller than usual course is intended for restricting the use of certain classes, minuter time of explosion of mines, and so forth. Finally, a big FPS worthy of the name would be nothing without a community site hyper complete with detailed statistics, information on clans, tournaments (up to 256 clans involved). A system of betting is even prior to the meeting scheduled for Thursday to save its reputation on the table. In short, everything is in place to encourage players to spend hours connected to the PlayStation Network. Tout?

And once?

Manette in hand, we must recognize that the multi of Killzone 2 was not more exciting than that. It must be said that a small session of this kind does not lend itself to an in-depth exploration of the finer points of gameplay and classes. Especially facing a team of experienced Guerrilla able to align the targets journalists, even if its assaults. Between unstable frame rate and sensitivity no floating, it will be possible to calibrate fortunately in the final version, directed cleanly took the challenge. As the game multiplies the visual effects in order to immerse the player in action, including camera movements when your soldier or recharge is shot, maintain the target was already plays a feat in itself. In short, it was known multipliers more nervous the joystick. Killzone 2 still manages to maintain a certain level of graphic detail several, even if the solo is still a notch above. We prefer to wait prolonged contact with the multi of the beast to ensure that the ramage refers to the plumage.

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