“King’s Bounty: The Legend” details

“King’s Bounty: The Legend is a PC pre-RPG strategy developed by 1C and published by Atari. Unlike most RPG strategy, the concept behind King’s Bounty is to create a unique and rich experience outside of the turn-based battles style. The game certainly has an atmosphere MMO attached thereto. As I watched the presenter Gen Con to navigate the mass card, fetch quests, buy objects and interact with the NPC, all I could think was how inspiration World of Warcraft has been the creation of even single-player PC RPG.

Battles on the world map are not random. As players navigate through an area to another, they will see the enemies and react according to their desire. The combat system is based on a network composed of hexagons. The different classes in the game will be able to navigate through the hexagons and choose attacks that befit. I was pleasantly surprised by how small battles seem to be. The players are restricted to a small network instead of the broad mass map. The fight that I saw lasted a few minutes as opposed to large-scale exploration in which many actors SRPGs save. The players have even May to fight against their own weapons. The elements of King’s Bounty are gifted, and the choice of party members mistakenly May because of disagreement between the protagonist and his faithful monster-killer.

The players will be able to choose among three types of characters, which are the warrior, paladin, and Mage. After picking this category, players will be generated in the area of their original character and be plunged into a very bright and alien environment with many different landscapes which includes dungeons, towns, castles, and even giant turtles. King’s Bounty is scheduled for release on holiday this year, and we will certainly keep you abreast more details come in. “

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