The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar takes you to the Mines of Moria

Unveiled in spring at the event Connect 08 from Codemasters, the first expansion The Mines of Moria for The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar was back for the Games Convention in Leipzig. The opportunity for us to follow the developers of MMORPG for a short visit in the kingdom of Durin, history to see what’s new is preparing to Middle-earth.

For the team Thursday, one of the biggest changes in the Mines of Moria affect the title of a viewpoint scénaristique because we cease to put spokes in the wheels of the King to Sorcerer focus on the awakening of evil between Moria and Lothlorien. For this presentation will concentrate on the famous underground kingdom of dwarfs, we will visit after the passage of the Fellowship of the Ring, which presages a happy foutoir saw chaos raised by their passage. It appears that the invasion of goblins, orcs and other creatures even more dangerous in the halls of Durin has particularly irritated the dwarves who have therefore sent a delegation army to resume the territory. In practice, this means that we will be mainly serving bearded happy in this first part of the add-on and we will give them a helping hand to do the housework under the mountain. The goal of developers here is clear to us in detail visit places never seen from the Mines of Moria – as mine shafts, underground lakes or large forge – and give life to a part of ‘history of Middle-earth that has been qu’effleurée by Tolkien himself. Lovers of dwarves should have for their money with an astronomical amount of information about their history, their success and their big mistake inflamed that Gandalf had terrasser.

Players level 50 will therefore what to do in the corner, especially as the architecture dwarf is paradoxically focuses on a gigantic tinged with an arrogance evident. The distance display thrust of the same title showed its limits in some halls that were discovered, so they stretched as far as the eye for miles and miles of terrain accessible to 100% if the we believe developers. It should be noted that the team has also sought Thursday to change a little pleasures for example by imagining what might resemble a vivarium in the vast underground mines, or proposing some caves still raw will doubtless enjoy the speleologists grass. And if the exploration program is obviously in this add-on, we must not forget rather than eradicate the new models of Orcs and goblins that have been modeled specially for the occasion. As for the opportunity to kick the buttocks of Durin’s Bane, it has still not been confirmed nor refuted by the way, by developers, who are decidedly with the nerves of some players.

A presentation of Mines of Moria would of course not be complete without mention of two new classes promised by Turbine: Runekeeper and Warden. If you have not really been able to see these two new adventurers in action, the team game we still delivered a few details about the new gameplay they provide. Presented as a “lightweight tank” equipped with a shield and a spear, and the Warden will use the “Gambit System” which combines an operating stances on various roles (aggro boost generation, damage increased, and so on.) a range of combos to follow to activate some buffs or side effects. The Runekeeper, in turn, is the first real “magician” Lord of the Rings Online and will be in charge of swing spells remotely as much to damage his enemies for treating its allies. It will use it for a system which will increase significantly our power carefully if one is having fun heals the spammer, and vice versa for the sorts of damage. Note that the models used for the creation of Warden and Runekeeper are Haldir and Celeborn, two inspirations elvish for an extension under the sign of the dwarfs. Beyond all these major additions and an increase in the maximum level at 60, there will obviously arrival of a package of quests, objects, achievements and other additional gadgets, but also the introduction of objects that legendary we will be able to evolve as levels through their bar XP integrated. What occupy the many heroes who always travel on Middle-earth in sum, especially if one considers that two other huge areas of the extension have not yet been revealed.

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