Mastiff brings “Deer Drive” on Wii

Video Game Publisher Mastiff has announced that they have teamed up with software developers and SCS Kouyousha to winning arcade-style, multi-player hunting series, Deer Drive, Wii ™ this fall .

Deer Drive mesh hunting simulation with arcade-style pick-up-and-play and the pace of action for an exciting gaming experience. Deer Drive is the first game hunting deer that features two players playing simultaneously. In addition, Deer Drive has a multitude of game modes, including four player party mode, true to life sound effects, passive and aggressive prey, and a slew of hunting weapons.

“Deer Drive is an entirely different animal when it comes to game hunting,” said Bill Swartz, the head woof Mastiff. “Most games are slow hunting simulations with frustrating controls. Deer Drive is all about shooting, on all pick-up-and-play fun and be more precise and better Marksman hunter friends. ”

Deer Drive Features:
Arcade-style action multi hunting on the Wii for the first time.
Pick-up-and-Play: Lock, load and take a few males. Be ready to defend aggressive mountain lions, bears, moose pricing and other dangerous situations.
Multiplayer: Play head-to-head with a friend or with a maximum of four players in the Party mode.
Optimized to work with Wii Remote ™ or Wii Zapper ™ accessory.
The changing dynamic weather creates conditions for hunting on varied terrain.
Difficult for casual and hard-core players.
Ethics integral hunting game