NBA 2K9 : the MVP is announced ?

A yearly NBA 2K and Take Two Interactive does not allow fans on their hunger in 2009. The game of basketball the most anticipated has once again shown the tip of his shorts at the Leipzig Games Convention with a presentation in good and due form, which suggests some of its objectives but not all. Because the publisher has decided to play cachotier this year, and it will still wait to determine if the game well worth the candle …
The HD consoles now better understood, it becomes more difficult to perceive the visual changes between games of sport to keep pace with annual output of their previous version. And as beautiful as it is, NBA 2K9 is no exception. While there is no doubt that the title will be beautiful, it gives the impression at first glance does not therefore much with what could propose 2K8, but players accustomed, connoisseurs, will still detect small touches made by developers. Float jerseys, modeling faces, facial animations, or credibility of the public are so many elements slightly improved, which should contribute tirelessly to bring the game of Visual Concepts feel real games of the NBA and their spectacular still unrivaled. With graphics always the top anyway, NBA 2K9 should like almost every year even go further in its simulation. Management of defence contacts, orientation of the opposing player to one side, changing position in the air to finish a lay up … A surprising strength that does more, but that does not mean becoming less enjoyable for the purist.
The possibilities will be many although here too it is difficult to judge definitively these points in some parts because the balance of a good game of basketball is something very subtle. Representatives from Take Two Interactive we have assured that the success of any baskets cooked closely would be less random than before, what is already a big relief. And a more comprehensive, they believe that this issue should be a bit faster, and inevitably a little more realistic with less aberrations in the phases of the game in transition to more resemble the real parts. A still trying to find the perfect balance between accessibility and depth of the game, NBA 2K9 might seem sluggish on certain points, but it is not without reason scans a formula also mature and efficient. Particularly since there is still a surprise size reserved for the party line on which developers have wanted to release anything but promising that the information circulating in the weeks ahead. This means that the basketball fanatics keep your eyes peeled pending discover what it is.