NeverWinter Nights 2 : Storm of Zehir is unveiled

Announced at the very end of the spring by Obsidian Entertainment, the expansion Storm of Zehir for NeverWinter Nights 2 was already presented during the Games Convention in Leipzig. It was therefore able to discover some of the many new features planned for the second add-on, all placed under the sign of nostalgia than innovation.

Small reminder for those who have not followed the scenario started in NeverWinter Nights 2 and continued in Mask of the Betrayer is well and truly completed, and will therefore not be extended by Storm of Zehir. Instead of our heroes end of 2006, the fabrication is a brand new avatar who could even add three companions also created by us. It will be in addition to this the opportunity to receive a helping hand from some additional characters during our progress, even if it should be possible to play solitaire for antisocial masochistic. In all cases, our adventure begins aboard a small boat which set sail for adventure, which ultimately failed miserably on the reefs of a mysterious island after a storm. Commencera then our heroic journey, it will very quickly develop a few bandages and weapons of fortune from the remains of our boat. Reception of indigenous will actually not very friendly, and it is very likely that we will have to chart our way through the sword on this terra incognita. The discussion may still serve to calm everything small world as long as you have the right skill (intimidation, diplomacy, bluff, etc.), while a new system of dialogue – which we leave to change their interlocutor the fly – is expected to combine the strengths of each member of our group. This classic introduction aside, it is unclear for the moment any scenario that awaits us in of Zehir Storm, except that we trimballera in some corners never seen before in video gaming of the Forgotten Realms and that it should have a tone a little lighter than those used in previous episodes.

Once you leave the zone of our sinking, the game will go in an entirely new view called Overland Map, which strongly recalls the sight of a strategy Heroes of Might and Magic or King’s Bounty: The Legend. It actually moves our group on a map dézoomée to extremes between different places important, and we will even go monsters who walk in the same way in the region. If it decides to attack, we will carry the game almost immediately in sight “classic” NeverWinter Nights 2 where we will settle our accounts in the usual way before returning to the adventure. Some quests generated at random sometimes even appear on this Overland Map, and could also use some skills usually under-exploited in the Ports of Dungeons & Dragons in video game (spot, find, etc.) to discover hidden objects on the map. It also happens that we encounter in the open market special trip, or patrols of bandits with whom we can negotiate at these peregrinations in aerial view and which should make our trips a little more exciting than before.

The arrival of Storm of Zehir will also batch of monsters, dungeons and exclusive objects, and they are apparently incorrigible Yuan-Ti that will play the major role of bad guys this time. It will be possible to embody a Yuan-Ti Pureblood or Gray Orc as new races, while Swashbuckler (fighter lightweight), Doomguide (class prestige anti-death living) and Hellfire Warlock (class prestige invocateur demons) will strengthen the number of playable professions. Please note that the rules used are always those of the 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons, even if the scenario should serve as a link between this set and the most recent edition 4. On the side of XP, will begin on Storm of Zehir at 3 and we should finish the intrigue around the 15 level according to the developers, even if the cap will remain fixed at 30. The life of the whole east, for its part, estimated between 15 and 25 hours of gameplay according to the number chosen at the beginning of the game and our tendency to batifoler right to left, or not at all. A fairly rich content for an add-on that promises to be still very comprehensive, but perhaps a little too classic after Mask of the Betrayer.