NFS Undercover is finally uncovered

After a Need for Speed ProStreet at least mitigated in 2007, the saga of auto racing Need For Speed will try to redeem themselves this year with a new episode subtitled Undercover. Announced recently and planned from November 18 to the USA on PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, DS, PSP and Wii, and three days later at home, the beast can be currently approaching the Games Convention in Leipzig an Xbox 360 playable by all at the booth of Electronic Arts. Here are our first impressions after a few rounds of wheels.

Just for once, Electronic Arts and Black Box, the studio of record in the series, we promise with Need for Speed Undercover return to the sources of the saga, which blows this year by its fourteenth candle. Except that we had already made the coup, and there was otherwise remain skeptical after such an announcement. Nevertheless, we must still acknowledge that, at the outset, this episode seems they really have made efforts in this direction. Exit, already, the atmosphere tuning too recent episodes (and exacerbated in ProStreet, even if we dégoûter), even if it is of course always find a catalogue of items provided in this NFS to customize its cars improving its performance but also his look. No, it is rather the pursuit race aspect facing the police who returned here in force, supported by a scenario worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. Judge for: Undercover, embody a young wolf who will engage in various risky jobs in order to win the confidence of a dangerous criminal organization, and so infiltrate them to better dismantle it with the help of the Maréchaussée Local. Any resemblance to an existing plot would of course be accidental, as in previous parts, it will be introduced into the environment via a lovely lady who will take us under his wing, played in the game by actress Maggie Q (Mission Impossible III, Die Hard 4 – Back in Hell). Because we also find in this episode the famous sequences live, a little re-stylized, and so dear to Electronic Arts. The regulars of the saga may not therefore not truly be at home, especially since Undercover also retains the principle of open environment.

Our space game will be in this new NFS of a new town named Tri-City Bay Area, comprising … four distinct areas linked by highways. Sunset Hills, Palm Harbor, Port Crescent, Gold Coast Mountain, these neighbourhoods we reserve each one different ambience, typée downtown, industrial or downright mountainous. It will be dégotter our missions in the same way as in Carbon, choosing a test among those released by the previous and so on (no need to go there, races can still be triggered remotely.) Three types of courses are also offered on the version made available at the Games Convention with Highway Battles first, either on motorways prosecution against a single opponent he will, in less than a minute, doubling then keep a distance, while being faufilant in traffic, not dense frankly it must admit. Another test can compete against a handful of other cars on a track closed this time, while the last we invited him to abscond a concession driving a brand new Porsche. The difficulty of the latter comes from many police patrols in the area, which we pourchasseront for some time. In this connection, it should be noted that the local Maréchaussée will not really shake the players in this version as it leaves little to easily outpace that we use and abuse of changing direction. In case of arrest, will also pay the amount of damage caused during our pursuit. During the race, it also noted the presence of a small gauge on the right of the screen, which climbed to the liking of slippages and other figures in style, winning the final by bonus points.

Since we are talking about flying, we will find again its brands quickly, the various cars available to us in this demo (a Porsche GT2, a muscle car and an Audi RS4) showing a finger and handling to the eye. Just a few seconds of game will be necessary to get used to a very strong direction which, coupled with a hand brake particularly docile, can move changes course with breathtaking ease. Despite the gameplay quite nervous police presence but also the possibility of using nitrous and a speedbreaker – a sort of bullet time to slow down time and therefore better negotiate some corners – the tests lack a little bite. The fault probably a city almost deserted in this version of the Games Convention, which also accuses major concerns techniques. These include a frame rate in agony, but also a fairly pronounced aliasing and a few pop-up textures or buildings intact. However, if we obscures this traffic almost non-existent, the city is showing a certain credibility in its construction, and pointed out a few points that Burnout Paradise. The damage ahead also very successful, sheet metal folding is a natural rather disconcerting on modelling also quite remarkable, but we regret increvables tire rims or indestructible. The nice effect of smoke ProStreet should also rebuild its appearance in this episode, while we note the absence inexcusable views cockpit. Black Box had hinted q’il this was one of yards strongly considered for the post ProStreet, but it is obviously nothing. What a pity. In short, with Need for Speed Undercover, NFS returns well in a certain way to its roots, but not as much as might be hoped, not to mention that the proposed innovations do not seem frankly staggering. It will in any case the heart net next November 21 to be precise, when leaving the game in our lands.