Of Orcs and Men Review: When the enemy is not the orc

Cyanide is one of those studios that only do half the job. Those people have good ideas but implement them more anyway, not as they should and deserve. Can not get enough Well, maybe not more money or better programmers … may they live on exotic beach happily ever after if only he would sell ideas.

But up there, Of Orcs and Men fall in mentioned category of good ideas: How many games does he have orcs and goblins spotlight as positive characters on the human race wants at all costs to control territory and to use them on ” green “as a slave? Obviously, orcs are pleased to of serving, so make a plan desperately to escape the threat once and for all.

Thus enters the scene the two characters, Styx and Arkhail, both with a surprising background: the first is probably the only goblin intelligent, articulate and able to slip unseen and unheard, the second is a huge brute, which goes awry when someone hits him and survived some horrendous battles against men. Forced to work together, the two player offers two different gameplay styles, but both needed to successfully reach the end of the adventure. Styx combines stealth software that allows it to kill enemies with melee fighters undetected and greatly increased efficiency when pulling away. Obviously, as an orc respectable Arkhail sword handles confidently and blindly give all parties when entering into installment of Rage.

The key is to balance control both characters and use appropriate tactical system imagined by those from Cyanide. You have three “wheels” – attack, defense, magic – which can concatenate hero moves then execute them one after another. When you enter this menu, this is very much slower (but not a real active rest) and use an alternative set keys for different types of shots or defensive withdrawal.

As you progress in the nearly 20 hours of action, the characters grow and improve their skill level in addition being able to wear all kinds of pieces of equipment. Unfortunately, these options are limited, can not find much on weapons and armor with continued play, so not much to sell. How trading system is based on points of trade (ie if you sell something), you do not have to buy if you can not find anything around you loot the station.

Moreover, the maps are a terrible motonie practically corridors (whether external or internal) that before you fight, little, and before you fight, your goal is inevitably the other end of the level. May occur some side quests and dialogues come with options chosen well, you can save an uphill battle. Moreover, the conversations between the two characters are very likeable, heroes being could not be more different in approach.

Enemies do not suffer from intelligence, soldiers passing by the body of a teammate did not blink, not to discuss the alarming garrison. Attacks merely jump on you while archers or just sit and draw archers (possibly from somewhere above) not to withdraw if you get too close. The same inconsistency is noted and graphically – if orcs are made giving detailed and even feeling rough figures have nothing special and does not distinguish one soldier from another.

For those expecting an RPG style The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or options Dishonored, take your mind. The ideas are good, but Of Orcs and Men is about half done. Battle system or you like from the beginning, or you hate and will have to endure the limitations of space and equipment options.

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