“PES 2009”: first strides

It’s been several days that the first video Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is circulating, and as often detect differences with the naked eye was a prodigy. No wonder the face of a layer of the previous edition, slowed to less jerky, thank you god. And yet, beyond the content to which we shall return, the nuances joystick in hand feel almost instantly. Made of madness, one might even go so far as to say that Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 is the episode that dares the past several years, with bias sometimes amazing. For better?

Cumbersome, it is undoubtedly the term that characterizes the best gameplay of this preview. Nothing derogatory, attention. If the speed game has been slowed, in accordance with the wishes of players after PES 2008, the inertia of courses and passes has been significantly increased as well. Too much or as it should: be expected to move matches to blisters on the version def ‘for better able to judge. This is not always a defect, particularly as regards the physical strikes. Their triggering calls for a preparation time affolant without doubt one of the longest PES all confused. In return, any strike framed full power represents an immediate danger that even the biggest custodians of the game will be difficult not to push their own nets in the number of balloons boxés has never seemed so high.

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Well aware that the combo knitting closer to the surface / pass back eventually interfere with realism, Konami has apparently tried to complicate the task of Denilson on grass. Perhaps that the final version will correct the shooting, but the game on the surface is currently quite ineffective. The passes are less remote, defenders are better placed to intercept, and strikes a pivotal no longer as precisely as before. The centres, less risky, are a better alternative this time. By the way, with the proper dosage and good player, it seemed possible even putting on the corners like pearls (up to four in the same match). Konami mark a few points in the race for realism, rebalancing anything that could give rise to any goals facts and scores of tennis. But the most glaring defects of the 2008 edition have not all been corrected at this stage of development, so much so that one can hardly return to grace. The animations races always give the impression of seeing clones of Michael Johnson in the final of the Atlanta Games. And like last year, the proportions of players and their placement sometimes strange open real boulevards on the sides. So much the better for the show, but frankly, if the wings were also deserted in the true foot, the Netherlands have already aligned the World Cups. And as the speed and physics are once again the determining factors to eliminate and destabilise the opponent was not finished see 4-3-3 abused with Brazil / Inter or racing straight ahead of Kaka, Pato & Cie.

Without manual or anything, it’s hard to say whether new gestures techniques have emerged in this new PES believed. In any case, their execution has changed to make more natural movements dixit Konami. Gone are the wheel on the right stick for example. Henceforth, a simple turn of stick or cross enough to launch the movement, provided they in the hands a player a bit technical. Ditto for certain techniques with R2. Again, knitting fans will have to take their brands to avoid launching dribbles in the wind. As a result, the manual passes are back on the stick right in the default configuration, without needing to touch anything. A former.

In addition to the usual adjustments gameplay and the interface fortunately reviewed and modernized (including the selection of teams), the other major novelty of the 2009 edition takes the form of a new game mode, called “Towards a Legend”. At the time inspired mode Fantasista recent versions Japanese PS2, and now unavoidable Be A Pro FIFA, “Towards a Legend” can manage the career of a rough diamond ball detection (17 years) to retire In the embodying him and him alone on the ground. In short, a career mode “Fixed” for those who speak only PES. We recognize without barely repompe FIFA for the camera angle elevated, which is supposed to better highlight your actions, it is possible to opt for a more traditional nothing to lose effectiveness.

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After a first team match in a second zone, your player (offensive-oriented) will be offered the opportunity to evolve in a different European clubs. But before claiming that the detonator become the biggest European clubs fought, it will go through a few workouts as a reservist in empty stadiums, and waxing the bench long months, hoping one day integrate the first team. By the way, despite a decisive goal against Lyon, a shot at winning goal against Marseille and an average above certain holders, promising No. 10 “Puyo” was not bandana to convince coaches of Toulouse and St Etienne, nor that recruiters clubs a bit more prestigious than Sochaux. In short, the path to glory and meufs promises to be long, even though an option “Fast Forward” (R2) is available when your player is not on the ground. This is not a problem, because it must be said that this mode is really nice to play. Sensing the anguish of the replacement does not shiver at the idea that the foregoing loading finally coming into your game, then mark the decisive goal, that’s the kind of sensations grisantes changing a bit of interminable Master Leagues.

After that, during this preview, we feel it will still take a few touches of here and there before being entitled to a game worthy of the name. For the moment, there are two main shortcomings: gameplay side first, with IA which is still a lot of time responding to your calls. Pressing R2 can in theory to claim the pass – the player raises her hand – but partners generally lack of accuracy, when they do not forget altogether, even anticipating their reaction. Jokes on the Ligue 1 aside, perhaps the experience and reputation helping a hidden factor of “trust” sees the IA run immediately, but also suggests that the Help menu interface. The dressing for its lack of clarity. Took passion for his small avatar in short, we would like to collect a maximum of data on more areas, the choice of coach evaluations of the service, via the contingencies of transfers, etc.. But the translation between random menus and menus using a hair lourdingues (even after installing the game on PS3), often sailing in the dark, at least in this preview. Konami promises that it will be possible to use his players in the games online, via an option “Legends” which has not yet yielded all its secrets, like the rest of the online mode of the rest. Oh yes, an option messaging integrated in the game will be threaten by console intermediary prior to the time of challenge.
To conclude this first glimpse of the 2009 version, still mention the disappearance of official licences for the Liga, which we hope will be back for the final version. It was like a doubt, after the disappearance of the Bundesliga this year. Konami seems nevertheless have provided an enormous amount of work on the audio issue dressing. Oh, not on the comments of the duo Jeanpierre – Paganelli, always as often irrelevant, but rather on chanting supporters. From near Lyon, Paris, Milan and all the big clubs, even Marseilles, we can finally rely on credible songs for the stage ablaze. It feels good. However, question or transfers stats, the syndrome of the preview version is true once again, with Thuram in Paris, no Makelele, Koné always Nice and so forth. In short, there is still a lot of points to correct by the exit, especially when the competition promises to be identified. And after several years of previews PES, one can believe that all will not.

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