Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Review: the runners-up charge the first position

It’s that time of year where both Konami and EA Sports launch one football game. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, the latest game in the PES (which many recommend it as the only true football simulation series) compete with FIFA 13 – game belonging to an established franchise that needs no presentation. Who will win the derby? Well, depends on personal preference. Today we will talk about Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.

At first impression, PES 2013 is the same game as PES2012, but I used to experience that I must expect to resemble PES PES X X-1, so I quickly went over this and I searched differences.

Game menu contains almost the same elements from last year, including UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadores. A notable addition is how Performance Training, however, that a number of tutorials on the “monkey see, monkey do”. In this way the game reveals dozens of advanced controls which is good to know every player. There are several types of shot, several types of air passing, dribbling sites, passing 1-2 different ways to execute free kicks etc. Mode is not polished enough for the movement often I was asked to run was poorly explained. As an idea, until I managed to pass the ball between the legs of an opponent I struggled for almost 10 minutes.

It must be understood that the player who possesses good moves learned in Performance Training is a huge advantage to the one who does not have the patience to learn new things. Moreover, new orders for training learned in this way are just the tip of the iceberg. And more orders can be placed during matches, by accessing the Command List section. Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is a game of patience.

Matches in PES 2013 is slightly slower pace than last year, probably in an attempt to give your player more time to perform new movements added.

Major additions of new Pro Evolution Soccer is the number three, and the Japanese manufacturer has called Full Control, proactive AI and Player ID.

Full Control is perhaps the most welcome feature added in PES series lately for opening a range of new gameplay possibilities. Full Control is an umbrella title for several new features: downloads can now be done in several ways and with greater precision dribbling sites are better designed deft touch with the new dribbling system (similar to Close Control in FIFA 12 13) that allows control of the ball with small steps and manual system passes and shots can be activated at any time by pressing a button on the player for PES to send the ball absolutely he wishes, without assistance from the game. With appropriate training, passing and kicking manual system can be crucial in winning matches.

With Full Control comes another interesting addition, and this is called Defending Response. Tactical Defending in FIFA 12 If you say something, then easily understand what I mean. Response Defending the new defense system, and this basically means that now is a little more difficult to retrieve the ball from the opponent, as if held down, the “dispossession of legs” just approaching enemy player with the ball, and then keep distance.

To make dispossession is necessary to press the same button twice more, at the right time. It is easy to see that this defense system is designed to provide more room for maneuver player dribbling sites possessing the ball.

Personally I think this system is a change for the worse, but its implementation in PES pose serious challenges to Tackle! For standing seizures are one step: the scope of a foot to the ball like a karateka of affirmation. Often, this means foul. And if you try to enter by sliding the situation is much worse, because it is a jukebox of yellow! For these reasons, I simply try to post my player is dribbling the opponent and wait a bad or wrong care.

ProActive AI consists of an enhanced intelligence computer controlled players. Teammates seek opportunities and color every moment, and opponents are working to block these incursions. Player ID is the name attributed to the way that looks and feels well-known players on the football field. For example, the unique way in which Cristiano Ronaldo plays run accurately in Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.

Returning to the gameplay, the most frustrating thing in the whole game is shot. Of course, PES series is famous for the tactical way to approach the game and exciting phases which often ends in failure, but even so, the shots are simply ridiculous. In 90% of cases, or lands somewhere in the audience shots behind the door, or go slowly, at a rate negligible, to hand goalkeeper, perhaps suggesting that all football players today suffer from anemia.

The only real chance to catch a pretty good shot on goal is a shot or a volley from sprint. There is a way to kick that game demonstrates Training Performance mode, but takes a long time to be learned and put into action successfully.

To delight those who want to win the UEFA Champions League against CFR Cluj can. Become a Legend mode (controlling a single player) and Master League (control and management of a club) are also there for fans of football management. The online modes are unchanged, while writing this article on online servers do not work more than 5 days, but Konami has promised to fix the problem soon …

Football teams are mostly unlicensed, so that, for example, Arsenal still called North London. In fact, the only Premier League team Manchester United is licensed. Spanish and Italian leagues are fully licensed, as well as many national teams. Overall 150 licensed teams. Not downgraded because this budget invested by EA Sports for exclusive licenses is huge, and realize that such manufacturer Konami can not throw money in the same way. I am sure that fans will create free patches licensed teams.

The graphics are similar to previous editions, players are some more animations and well made, especially when the falls. Physics ball is impeccable and gave it a perfect realism.

The sound was kept in the lines of previous years with the same comment tedious and delayed the commentators Jon Champion and Jim Beglin and the same atmosphere without stakes match. Column is surprz?toare musical game with some very interesting and exciting songs. Addition song you are Eu Te Pego Michel Telo is forced but, in my opinion.

Overall, PES 2013 is a better game than last year, changes mostly hovering in the gameplay. Unfortunately, there are many things that make that experience with the game to be not optimal from shots and seizures and to sound and game modes a bit dusty. However, for those who want a football game that requires tactical patience and true skills controller button, PES 2013 offers a challenge to match.