Resistance PSP put to the test

Resistance Retribution is born of the will of Sony to expand to maximize the potential audience for his shoot initially reserved for the PlayStation 3. Developed by SCEA’s Bend Studios, the title was playable at the show in Leipzig and we had just showed what he had in his stomach. And although its output is not really very close, it has generally been able to make a good impression. Here’s why.

Resistance is a game born in the era of HD consoles, and inevitably, imagine an episode of the series out on a laptop was something quite frightening, even if the 3D capabilities of the PSP do more to prove. Fortunately, the studio’s internal editor in charge of the game should not come tarnish the reputation of the license propelled by Insomniac Games, because let’s face it, the first item that is retained in discovering this version is nomadic the quality of its realization. Of course, we are very far from the PS3, but it is also well above the most titles of the machine in terms of graphics and game creators have apparently not qualified their product “PSP 3rd generation “for nothing. Modélisations precise lighting effects, explosions … It takes full sight, and besides being beautiful, is also already quite fluid. This title in which all humanity must once again fight against the Chimères has also revealed quite convincing in its grip, and this is another tour de force that could take shape as beautiful 3D or not, shoot games on PSP can sometimes be a pain in the foundation. The unfortunate who had thrown on Coded Arms to remember his exit.

If the action takes place this time with a view to the 3rd person very fashionable, the player can make good small massacres in the skin by James Grayson, the hero of this new adventure scénaristiquement located between the two episodes PlayStation 3. The freelook done with the four main buttons on the laptop, but an aide referred to the rather well-calibrated will support you and help you avoid and fight too. For the moment the dosage seems in any case be good enough for the fighting does not resemble a simple hype of buttons. The ergonomics promises to be careful though classic. The cross for his part used to change weapons, futuristic and varied arsenal should also again be an asset for the title, and triggers used to obtain, or use a secondary fire / zoom. Number of hits relatively limited anyway, updates cover behind boxes or sections of walls will automatically be approaching, and it is hoped that the management shift will not interfere with the movement of players during phases Play the hottest. For the rest, it is still difficult to certify the quality of the final version of the game since happen until the spring of 2009 and it has therefore inevitably still ample time to evolve into good and evil, and it will also wait to discover what we reserve for the multi. One thing is sure, for what we saw, the PSP holds potentially one of his best games of action to come, and as they do not bump into the gate (Games Convention this sounds like a crossing Sahara for owners of PSP), fans crossing their fingers that promises be kept.

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