Sherlock Holmes 5 : first contact with the game

Not content with having suffered Arsene Lupin in the last part of his adventures, Sherlock Holmes will leave soon tempted by a new duel much less glamorous in Sherlock Holmes against Jack The Eventreur. Still armed with his British phlegm and his innate sense of the deduction, so the detective british will launch actually in the footsteps of famous serial killer of Whitechapel and it was already able to take a look at his new methods during the Games Convention Leipzig.

Never solved by the police exceeded the time, the notorious murders of prostitutes committed in 1888 in the poor neighborhood of Whitechapel in London by the killer dubbed Jack The Eventreur still is shrouded in mystery and speculation. True to their very pragmatic approach of the investigation, developers Frogwares do not let destabilize a whole folklore which always follows the legendary fait divers, and we therefore propose an approach which is as credible as possible in Sherlock Holmes against Jack The Eventreur . The team had spent Thursday spine in-depth research on the events in order to portray the series of murders in a manner that is more accurate and give us a chance to analyze the facts, seek to understand behaviour of the killer and finally try to identify it. In fact, we will find our inseparable duo of Dr. Watson and the Sherlock Holmes impassive as they seek the truth in external view or the first person in the streets of this district décharnées attended by all left out the English capital.

From Hell to Baker Street

The mechanisms remain a game little about the same as in previous, and rather successful episodes of the series with passages of pure point & click with puzzles of all kinds. Sherlock Holmes obliges, it will also a good time to make comments butt on the screen deduction which, as its name suggests, will help turn the famous British detective of the meninges. Guess the process used by Jack the Eventreur to kill and dismember his victims also require a thorough understanding of the method of attack, and we must rebuild each murder in a very clever at the crime scene with Holmes in the role of the killer and this dear Watson grimé pseudo-victim. A number of parameters then appear at the bottom of the screen, and could “try” several combinations (knife in his right hand or left hand, killer attacker to face or behind, a victim standing or lying, etc. .) To find one that has actually been used by the criminal. While the scientific side of the investigation should also be brought in this new episode of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, looking more than ever to put ourselves in the shoes of a real investigator without s’embarrasser of any fantasy fiction. It follows an extremely calculated in the game, which undoubtedly will attract the largest specialists adventure game.

The developers also want to recognize push their concept to its climax in the fifth part of investigations Sherlock Holmes, proposing the title’s richest, most successful and most ambitious of the series. No wonder the coup that the team has taken the game to give a helping young to switch to the graphic aspect of the title, with characters more and more realistic and decorations not only more detailed but also crossed by a large number “extras” randomly generated. This should put an end to the side a little death and emptiness of decorations that had been surveyed in the two previous opus of the series. The dominant-dominated relationship between Holmes and Watson will obviously be kept to the delight of fans the first time and it would almost take the good doctor pitied so his esteemed colleague the demeans the first opportunity. All that to say that Sherlock Holmes against Jack Eventreur The focus as much on its forces located on some new concepts ambitious to give birth to a survey by the British detective who has a good chance to outperform all others. The verdict will be the end of the year.

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