Sims Animals : Just go Wiild

Present on all fronts as usual, Electronic Arts is now the subject of Animal Crossing and Nintendogs Animals with Sims, The Sims: Stories of animals with us. A new game planned for Wii and Nintendo DS intended mainly to younger, and that we were able to discover in the presence of its creators during the 2008 exhibition in Leipzig. Petit spotlight on the Wii version of this virtual park natural vocation “refreshing”, which should reach us under the tree.

A hungry wolf

Transferred to the animal world, the concept of Sims could obviously not keep all its elements, and thus is well under different from the usual add-on that we have seen on the show. Lâché in the wild in the role of some sort of God Almighty Populous way, obviously much less complex, the player must use his hand / slider all-powerful to act on the ecosystem of bugs that enter the zone. This will then ensure their well-being and do everything possible to reach a certain level of overall satisfaction represented by a bar to fill, after which the next part of the forest will be released with eleven stages in all. The thirty species available (only mammals and too bad for the fans by insects or fish) proposed final will vary with the actions in each case, a detailed list will indicate the type of food or environment favourable. It is therefore watering plants, trees shaking or slaughter, rivers to manage, and a lot of small actions of this type that you occupy you and your Wiimote with a simple and intuitive interface to act without having to leave the Nunchuk.

Even at a stage of development, while its output is no longer so distant past, the title seemed a little basic in actions to be done, but its strength could lie in relations player / animals, even between animals themselves. Depending on the degree of affection that you cover each specimen, you can interact differently with him, and a squirrel that you will accept in the nose, for example, not to be carried in your bag to be moved to another location in card, or even another level. The relationship predator / prey is also surprisingly the game, so we can see for example his favorite rabbit is done by swallowing a wolf might have a little too forgot to eat. Thursday for children requires, these “scenes of violence” will be very abstract, and the victim will only disappear instead of leaving a pool of blood and a corpse picoré by vultures. But the goal of the game is obviously elsewhere, sadistic band, and if waving a small bug innocent to the mouth of a bear voluntarily left the scheme may be tempting for the rest of us, the more tender will caress especially the belly of these balls hair, or watching them play once the good relations of this small world well established. Clearly, unless major turnaround situation, Sims Animals promises to be a product rather well tied to the target, but his quick exit coupled with a slight s’annonçant content can not prevent suspect Electronic Arts also have a few chosen ease on that one.