Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Review: a sniper’s paradise?

Fans of the sniper weapons have a reason to celebrate: a new game has been launched that focuses on sniping. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, because talking about it is the second game of sniping produced by City Interactive and was released earlier this month.

New Ghost Warrior 2 follows the story of Captain Cole Anderson, a sniper who helps some colleagues during several missions that take place in various conflict zones like Sarajevo, the jungles of Burma and Tibet mountains.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a model of linear and almost completely scripted game that if you hold your hand and pulls the player through the story without giving them too often occasion to think by yourself.

Missions often begin with a stealth section in which the player must pursue a bandmate behind enemy lines and kill about 2-3 enemies on several occasions and can make decisions alone. Then at some point and inevitably, Cole must climb a hill or a tall building where the game will start some sort of fixed sniping session that ends only when the player has “cleaned” all the ( usually a fairly large area).

This section can be found several times in each mission of the game and is not simply killing enemies, but killing enemies that the game wants them eliminated in the exact order that requires the game.

Basically, the player is a kind of tool, an actor who pulled the trigger and kill enemies one by one with the sole purpose of receiving another order, the performance of enemies in an order different from the one you like the game can take many times to restart the last checkpoint.

And to make an aside, checkpoints are rare. Too rare for a sniping game, a game that relies on patience and concentration to hit in time. I had moments when, after killing Cole had to replaying about 5 minutes to get back to the same point.

Returning to the basic mechanics, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 provides an experience of shooting a gun better than the previous game. Bullets are affected more realistic wind and distance and occasionally spectacular game hits rewards a “Bullet Cam”, ie a cinematic scene where we see the bullet in slow-motion, from the moment they leave the barrel of a gun and until impact with the target.

Also Ghost Warrior 2 allows killing most enemies in one shot and hitting enemies that are hidden behind various solid surfaces, giving the feeling that the bullet sent by a sniper rifle is really strong.

Function stop breathing slows and time, thus simulating an increasing concentration of the protagonist. On Easy and Medium difficulty modes, easy targets are hit with a pretty large for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 displays a red dot in the area where the bullet will strike, making it virtually irrelevant attributes such as distance and wind. Not the same thing happen last level of difficulty, which in fact is also recommended for those who are passionate about sniping and the idea that they correctly spotted without “cheating”.

AI is improved from the previous game, now showing a more human behavior. Usually the protagonist can go undetected if it sneaks through vegetation or buildings after. It also introduced a threat level indicator, a large improvement over the previous title could not know whether or not we AI attention.

If the player is detected, enemies now know to hide behind various obstacles and try to find all positions closer to Cole finally ran into him and killing him fast enough machine gun, regardless of level of difficulty.

Of course, there are some areas where the AI ??does not really handle like that, in perfect silence, no one hears repeated blows of a sniper rifle. Just happened to be seen by some enemies from a database, to enter into a long and noisy shootout in which I emerged victorious, after that I see an enemy standing absolutely still on the balcony of a building located less than 10 meters of dead enemies.

Another problem was strange that I was noticed by enemies even if we were so well hidden in vegetation that would have been humanly impossible to be seen. Luckily threat indicator helped me realize what is happening and I could adjust the position.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is one of the few games that are not regenerated life. He uses the old system MedKit sites that can be used in order to “fix” character. In any case, I found many more MedKit sites throughout the game than I needed.

From a visual standpoint the game is a little better than the first in the series, but even if the engine is built on CryEngine 3 (the one used in Crysis 3), we can not talk about graphics in the year 2013, but rather one close games in 2010. Overall the game looks pretty good and, most importantly, runs very well in maximum details and weaker systems.

Yet were many times when I woke up with plants or other objects appearing out of nowhere in front of my character, or glitch sites and complete disappearance of guns after we crossed some water. There have been many times is a bit annoying and embarrassing so poor implementation of one of the most powerful engine of the day sites.

Sound is an area where the game is doing quite well, managing to raise voltage when it should. Environments have a special atmosphere that is largely due to environmental sounds well chosen. A very good design decision was to implement a repetitive beep indicator as part of the threat.

Multiplayer is a section that has a lot to offer: a single game mode – team deathmatch, two maps and a collection of six weapons that can be elected into round. Matches are true camping festivals 6 versus 6. Everyone is “lurking” and scans the telescope buildings across the street.

Basically, the multiplayer mode is ideal for those who have patience and time to sit at the computer every 10-15 minutes per round, killing 2 or 3 enemies and dying for so many times, most of the time is spent looking at the walls of the across the road and minimap, where every bullet fired by a sniper for a few seconds adverse marks the direction from which it was drawn.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a step forward for the series to which it belongs, but there are many things to learn before you get some AAA. The good news is that it addresses sniping enthusiasts and provides them a decent playground equipment, a good opportunity to show their sniper skills.

However fixed sniping scenes gave me the feeling that this game could have been more successful if it were provided as a collection of tasks, preferably on smartphones and handheld consoles. 4-5 hours continuous playing of the campaign is not the most pleasant experience, but if you divide the small pieces and digested, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is a decent game.

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