Tom Clancy’s Endwar gets offsprings

Remember, the last presentation of Tom Clancy’s EndWar which were able to attend had held the Games Convention last year, with details of discovery in speech recognition system, as the key. A year later, developers Ubisoft Shanghai had really not much more to show us, with the exception of a multiplayer mode heralded as revolutionary. It asks to see.

For those who have not followed the evolution of title Ubisoft Shanghai, Tom Clancy’s EndWar is a STR developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 which will control the majority headset, thanks to a speech recognition system combined a few commands more conventional throttle. Specifically, each order given in the title Ubisoft is divided into three parts to state successively: the name of unity, order and finally make the place concerned. It simply will order an attack on beuglant “Unit 1 enemy attack 2” in our micro, and we will learn a number of predefined terms to cover all actions available as the capture of objective, ordering reinforcements or improvement of existing units. After having seen in action several times now we can say that this system works well when a developer versed in the language of Shakespeare uses it, and if one does believe that the team game promises us a guarantee efficiency to 95% irrespective of the language used, we still wait to try the gadget ourselves before s’avouer completely convinced. We shall extend anyway no more about this time, since the star of this presentation was the famous multiplayer mode that developers kept sealed until now.

When they have made their weapons on the campaign solo EndWar and refined their skill on the classic party skirmish, players of the STR Ubisoft can always find a challenge to their size in the online part of the title, that developers have called “Theatre of War”. Presented in the form of a globe persistent multiplayer mode that will allow us to seek global domination with a military situation updated in real time depending on the results of thousands of parts to be held simultaneously around the world. Technically, this means that the three camps of the game (USA, Europe, Russia) will clash for domination of the entire playground, advancing a front line on the entire planet until the total annihilation of all opposition. Each sector near the disputed enemy lines may be attacked or defended by armies around, even if it will not only targets available. It is indeed the most important areas will benefit from a certain type of media (air, artillery, etc.). That could diminish before addressing the military airport or the warehouses of the tanks region. One can imagine that actions premeditated featuring several players will take place very quickly in this multiplayer mode, so that part of the attackers involved in weakening the defences of a key sector that their young comrades are in the process of siege. Each victory or defeat will in any case an influence on the world situation, and it will take about a month of intensive Thursday to all fanatics of title to take over the entire planet. This should enable aspiring conquerors to occupy their afternoon at the end of the year, as Tom Clancy’s EndWar should a priori out at the beginning of November.

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