Tomb Raider: news on the next PS3 version

The reboot of the popular franchise featuring Lara Croft in her debut as an archaeologist is back today via the PlayStation Magazine: The Official Magazine, which was the first to see new images as well as some information about the title being developed in Crystal Dynamics.

You learn more about the changes to our beautiful heroine over previous games. The studio was keen to find an actress with whom he could believe, may be able to stream a whole range of emotions to the character while making it younger.

In the words of the studio, his face was their “biggest challenge” because they wanted the fans recognize Lara’s new features while wanting to change it. It should be “younger and more credible,” and away from the basic style that the players have known for years.

To stay above the bust, the hair has also received special care. They kept cutting and the basic form of Lara but made sure they are not groomed properly to stick to the aspect of survival offered by history.

While her body was also to appear more credible by being “realistic proportions”, “attractive without being idealized,” the common side of his clothes (vest, boots … etc.) were chosen because they were “practical “The Adventure. Moreover, we see worn throughout the adventure unlike his physical abilities and his personality will change.

An important aspect will be the fragile heroine. “The game will take Lara in situations of life or death,” it said in the magazine. “Our goal was to create a damage system that will be transcribed by temporary or permanent injury.” The events will thus have an impact on his physical condition, whether from the perspective of his clothing or body.

It does us was enough to give us a little more eager to finally see the reboot of the series in passages of gameplay, like that could be rewarded at E3 hopefully.

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