Tomb Raider Underworld dives into water

Lifting of hell that had plunged the angel of Darkness, Lara Croft was really having a health since Tomb Raider: Anniversary who managed to find the spirit of the series while also injecting a bit of fresh air. The challenge for Underworld, currently under development, was the confirmation, especially on Next Gen. Present at the Games Convention and accessible to the public as the press, the title has left close to the time a small session of Archaeology extreme enough promise in whole.

The Little Mermaid

With a little behind other licenses successful video game, Tomb Raider has finally decided to make his driven cross and truly step Next Gen. Unlike Tomb Raider: Anniversary, conceived for the PS2 and then adapted for the new machines, Tomb Raider Underworld was designed with the Xbox 360 and PS3 in mind. During the level presented, it discovered Lara, quietly installed on a boat, preparing to take the leap into the middle of the ocean. On the surface, it can obviously afford a few lengths of crawl, but it will probably things interesting for our archaeologist shock can be found on terra firma, a few dozen metres further. After a shark attack just missed, Lara reached without major difficulties a first platform and then tries to recover a small climbing where you will have the opportunity to see that the fine has not lost its flexibility.

The gameplay, very Indiana-Jonesque in his style, of course, had what he needed when grab branches, balconies overcoming a parapet, bridges croulants and other small wonders of the gaming architecture: always dependent on acrobatics Lara, the game offers a good share of exploration-based waterfalls and catching up unlikely. As always in the series, these phases of gameplay aïgu require a sense of observation and reflexes, the game is obviously still Radin alternative path, and ruthless on the “off-piste.” With a little experience, we learn also to recognize the walls exploitable, “good” branches, catches rock authorized by the game; animations Lara deliver even, in most cases, information on its ability to pass a jump or not, tending the arm for example. Tomb Raider Underworld is therefore the item on the gameplay, despite some worries of not properly wicked camera when the lens too close to Lara. Just can we blame the developers a certain severity on some jumps a little limits, which send systematically and without further ado, the player fifteen meters below.

Come back successful?

This shift from pure platform, soon followed by the discovery of a lost first temple, to be honest looked more like a big tutorial, to circumnavigate the potential of the game in terms of achievement and gameplay. In addition to a panel enriched animations, like when Lara dismisses gently brush it before each of his steps (a little closer detail, for example, what we found in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune), then swim in familiar territory on the side of playability. There are all movements submitted for every day in a series of events rather well views, small reels here to resume balance, roulades side now more … by dint of motion capture sessions, Lara cheek gymnast competition to pave a path among the obstacles the game, to light years of its rigidities of the past. Most tatillons may nevertheless be objected that our adventurer custody a few scars of its residual stiffness of yesteryear, specifically the lack of fluidity sequences during breaks, which are still quite slow to emerge: you jump, you move suspended on landmark another outlet, rappelling down a suspended its Grapple, you turn on the camera and re-jumping, etc.. Despite obvious progress in recent episodes, it is still very far from the intuitiveness of a Prince of Persia.

Visually finally, Tomb Raider Underworld impressive. Whether the turmoil of the ocean, subtle reflections on the surface of water, abundant flora, calibrating environnemennts or look teenager Lara, we must admit that the game is many strengths on its side to seduce retinas. From time to time struck a few freezes on the Xbox 360 version we’ve tried, TRU is in any event a great game, and should easily rinse the eyes of many players. This bodes well for the best a few weeks before leaving the game, especially since the few puzzles and enemies entrevus during our test session had the air of perfect recital gameplay “the Tomb Raider” – can be therefore expect solid, it was probably classic for this comeback of Lara Croft. Five years after being burned in the angel wings of Darkness, it will be satisfied without chicaner.

Tomb Raider Underworld is scheduled on PC, PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii and DS on November 21

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