Torchlight 2 Review: knocking your way through to victory

If you do not like spiders and bugs, read no further. If you like giant bosses, loot-ROM tonnes and a decent story continues with confidence reading. Torchlight II comes to put across his fame Diablo III, and even earn some chapters. Just my opinion.

Although not very detailed and remarkable for its originality, the story is missing from Torchlight II once again to fight against the epidemic Alchemist from the first game. His ideas are but slightly different, which makes you, the character, to start looking to solve various missions spread over four actsl. And now you have available and four different areas, each with its city and views ranging from lush jungle to desert almost deserted and the marshes at ground swarming with all kinds of monstrous creatures.

Obviously, like any respectable RPG, you get all sorts of missions from NPCs (those related to the main story and voices) and the side you’d better finish it before leaving a certain area (where again later , everything is reset and work together twice about nothing). Similarly, you can choose between four classes in building ideal hero: Outlander (fighting distance), Engineer (slow weapons, but high damage), Embermage (master of all four elements) and Berserker (a kind of barbaric shower cork, possessed by a wolf and angry beyond measure in melee).

Infiferent favorite class, skill tree options are varied and the only regret is that it can result in up all you want. Moreover, limitations class is limited to a very small number of objects in generous quantities scattered everywhere. As expected, we have color coded (gray platitudes, orange unique sets purple, green or blue), and far too many kits and rare items or unique as to truly capitalize on the latter.

Battles are a festival of color and general chaos (especially when playing in multiplayer) attended with great success and your pet. Whether you want cat, lizard, or a bird dog, your companion acts as a support act, but also the carrier to send it out to sell additional items and bring you back scroll and potions sites.

Monsters excels in amount and occur in all parts of trees, in holes and swamps, the beam or flying, jumping or hammering you simply throw your ass there as the earth. Obviously, you would not have to wait in vain for that game does not go far lack of axes, swords, hammers, springs and all kinds of guns that can be combined in every way.

The design keeps cartoony visual, almost childish, but enough detail and color effects to enjoy soul and eye sight widespread carnage. The soundtrack draws heavily on Diablo, but has the great advantage of being distributed free in addition to Torchlight II costs only 19 euros. Lunches and comes in six cooperative multiplayer in LAN or online, where monsters are scales based on the number of participants in battle. True, there are some rather awkward choices made (you can not see the server before coming to pick or a window dedicated to the exchange of objects, besides the chat), but even loot is individual, so you risk not be looted by any player now.

Obviously, Torchlight II is perfect. But is that something that I think is missing in Diablo III, which made me tick hardcore mode and I do not care about that when I did that death was final if a mistake how small. Probably will not win any title the RPG of the year, but certainly won many hearts of players.

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