Touch Mechanic, brief test on Nintendo DS

When the cars of Gran Turismo returning to stand or that the meteors V12 Need For Speed finish their course, is a game french much more discreet who takes over for revealing behind the scenes, the preparation of customisation and sometimes repair these cars lines profiled. His name: Touch Mechanic or the umpteenth virtual realization of the myth of the young prodigy who reached the summit of his art by dint of will. But to become the king of mechanics on portable console, it is not enough to want.

Equally clivant that sport without the sweat and guitar without crossed, here is the mechanical tasks without sludge with Touch Mechanic. This title, straight out of the stands Kando, in fact place the player in the shoes of an apprentice mechanic. There’s no races, no steering but simply the joy of tinkering cars in record time. With the touch screen as a workshop, the player and his pen Dremel tools ten busy around cars modelled in 3D. It should zoom in turn on the engine, brakes and the rear skirt for repairs requested. Each time, the goal is roughly d├ęboulonner of anything that interferes, then replace a defective part before rising overall and repainting. There is no real diagnosis to be made. Just a way forward and so the game becomes fairly quickly cyclical. That is its main shortcoming: it runs in circles. We feel however that developers have sought to burst the codes of practice to try and give a real rhythm to their game, but despite impatient customers and patrons intractable, it is very rare to feel under pressure. And ultimately, the success is easy without being really gratifying.

Employed manuel if any, the engineer responsible for its cars as a doctor of his patients. In this sense, Touch Mechanic is a little Trauma Center of the car with heads of authoritarian workshop instead of the nurse Angie. However, modelling some careful mechanical parts proves that the game is a little more realistic and teaching that his counterpart surgery. Indeed, the hero follows the instructions of his employers successive and, in true passion, he continues his repairs beyond working hours to create a better progression game at two levels. Explanations: during half the game, we must listen and obey the bosses and during the other half, we have to use what one has learned to prepare his own body and win competitions tuning. With money earned in the garage, it is possible to buy new pieces to fit his own car. At the player then see if it is rather sport, racing, dub or donk. Whatever the style chosen, the gradual construction of his car is a phase of Thursday’s most interesting even if, once again, we must settle for a field action a bit limited. For more challenge, but it will return.

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