A Vampyre Story is revealed

Announced in early last year and headed by a veteran LucasArts Entertainment, A Vampyre Story clearly seeks to remind us of “good time” adventure game with cartoonesques its graphics and its crazy pitch. Met for the first time at the Leipzig Games Convention, the title seems not so promising that thought.

Young opera singer dreaming of a career in Paris, Mona Lafitte sees his ambition reduced to nothing when it is turned into a vampire and locked in a castle Draxsylvanie. Not very smart but still determined, the fine will not be discouraged and with the help of a talking bat named Frederick, it will seek to take the powder escampette to live his dream. Everything will obviously not so simple and it will take to overlook a lot of obstacles eccentric, characters bottom of the front and riddles alambiquées before reaching our purposes. It is therefore a point & click very classic, with all that that implies as collection and combination of objects, which very clearly trying to make us nostalgic for its graphic style where characters explore 3D very beautiful scenery in 2D. Even the interface of the game we recall the good old days as it is in fact a complete repompe of that used by Full Throttle, beatings of slats less and the transformation into bat in addition of course.

Death is so you

Beyond all these traditional concepts of gender, A Vampyre Story also introduce some new ideas not necessarily stupid. Mona is thus capable of recording a “souvenir” object when it crosses something they may not necessarily carry, which will show a “ghost image” of the gadget in its inventory. The latter can be used much later when he finds a utility, and Mona then use its powers of vampire to teleport directly adjacent to the object which it had the “souvenir” in order to bring it temporarily to the desired location. Nothing that does revolutionizes the genre of course, but all new ideas are good to take in a static environment also that the point & click. Another pride of the development team of A Vampyre Story is the very large number of cinematic cut-scenes partnerships between phases of gameplay and it will ultimately have to attend at least 30 minutes of viewing in the genre total in the game to be specified passage for lovers of figures that A Vampyre Story will count more than thirty main characters in his script, and almost as many unique places to visit throughout our adventure.

While that’s pretty good, but this presentation of A Vampyre Story we still disappointed for his weakness in two critical areas such as: humour and shields. With a voice suraigüe and a Germanic accent surjoué too, Mona was indeed frankly unbearable in the VO that were discovered and unless a miracle when switching to VF, there are good chances one suffers whenever it opens his mouth. Slightly embarrassing for a main character, especially in a game where you papotte lot. But even more than the intonation dialogues, it is mainly the level of writing that was a little afraid, with little jokes and subtle éculées falling dramatically flat. It obviously hopes that this was only an exception in part by developers so few words of the spirit shown here more reminiscent of the niaiserie So Blonde that the finesse of a Day of the Tentacle. All this is even more worrying that there are apparently only eight weeks of production before leaving the title of Autumn Moon, and that this kind of faux pas does not correct at the last minute.

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