Virtua Tennis 2009: first test on Wii

Now that the title of the best tennis player in the world is no longer for debate, fans can gloss to over-thirsty on other topics as capital, as what is the best tennis game on Wii. If Grand Slam Tennis has recently broken teeth despite the valuable assistance of the Wii MotionPlus, 2009 Virtua Tennis disappointing on HD consoles, is trying to turn his luck in an attempt to wrest the title. The series of Sega will it be more convincing with a Wiimote?

A few weeks after his cousins on PS3 and Xbox 360, so it is the turn of the Wii version of Virtua Tennis in 2009 to try to amaze the world. We are not going to dwell on the contents of the draft 2009 on Wii like platforms HD, Career and Arcade mode share the menu with the same kind of options and possibilities. It does not run on the achievement, inevitably more humble than 360 or PS3. 2009 Virtua Tennis on Wii is still correct to this point of view, if we ignore the fact that aliasing rendering Tarnishes who lost definition and is still suffering from a rough modeling of the players. No, obviously, the real issue here is handling. Firstly, it is possible to play with the Wiimote alone. In this scenario, Virtua Tennis is like a kind of rhythm game pretty basic. Each time opposing a gauge appeared over our tennis player. It is in fact the bottom line is short and shaking the remote in time, it was determined that the angle of the shot. Obviously, our most striking opponent stronger, the operation is difficult and more we see its chances to put the ball anywhere, even not the type at all. The idea is in itself not too bad found, but in fact there is no real feeling of tennis. Concentrate on the famous mark, it was quickly tend to forget the rest, not to mimic that and cut back with the Wiimote is useless, only the force of blows comes in.

Faced with this mixed, the possibility to connect the famous Wii MotionPlus seems therefore saving. The first exchanges are fast with d├ęchanter. First, the game does not recognize the device automatically, you must select the option before each game. In the same vein, we must point the cursor on the screen before each exchange, to prove that one is still alive and in position to play. But all this is tedious, and yet it is only the appetizer. Because if Grand Slam Tennis randomly ran too the Wii MotionPlus, it has undoubtedly found its master here – in the hazard, that is. Rough, rough and fickle are all that evoked the gameplay as realistic as vague. Too many combinations of movements? Willingness of developers to implement this change? Real problem of Wii MotionPlus? Difficult to point the finger at the responsible for this mess. We can finally see the damage that: players who are placed randomly and seem to care less of our turbulent orders to trade fairly grotesque on arrival. In short, the Wii MotionPlus is brought to confusion in the game and stays away from the realism that was supposed to bring.