Worms: Revolution Review: Down you go, worm!

Worms that have filled childhood with fun moments came back! This time, their world is better looking and more realistic than ever. To properly receive the new Worms: Revolution!

The new production of the Team 17, Worms: Revolution, classic Worms formula enriched with some new elements. We insist on them in the following lines.

Worms: Revolution comes first with a new look graphics are now three-dimensional battlefield. No, we face a follower of Worms 3D failed because although all objects on the screen are three dimensions in which the plan is a two-dimensional movements of worms, as it was since the roots of the series. It should be noted however that there are some technical problems the new game like the framerate drops on systems running smoothly most demanding games on the market.

But not only combat environment changed appearance, but also worms themselves, which together with progress towards “realism” and “high definition” May become greasy little time, especially since they are three-dimensional and are based on body shape the surface that is. Personally I prefer the classics, from the time of Armageddon.

Battlefields that can be generated automatically or created by players may fall into one of four topics offered at launch games: Beach, sewers, and Spooky Farmyard. Each of these environments contain three-dimensional games and more eye-candy. For example, a level based on the background sewers will be rats and crocodiles that are walking freely and, occasionally, looking for “room”.

We have some major changes in terms of gameplay. For example, now we have an extra thing to worry about on the battlefield: water. And I do not mean water under the map, but water as a weapon! We have three weapons for attack liquid: water gun, water and water bomb strike. Each of which generates its own natural water. Do not expect the water like PhysX however, is rather like gel beads that join together when touching.

Water is able to mold the land forms, which leads to two possibilities: 1. Opponents immersed in water, which brings a decrease of only 5 hit points after each lap which is under water, and 2. Opponents taken from the water and taken preferably in a mine or fatal water from underground realm combat.

In addition to water, another important element of gameplay is that of their own physical objects. We’re talking about things like lighters, huge bombs or water bottles, which are placed randomly on the map to start the game but can be moved by our cute worms using “weapons” specially built. After a certain amount of damage received by an object, it will explode and will become water, fire and gas, affecting surrounding worms.

Weapons worms are largely those which were already used, but some of them have been reduced efficiency. I refer mainly to the Jetpack, which now takes much less, and the Ninja Rope, which this time offers a satisfactory experience when used in the way they used to be used in previous games, most times this ending with a fall from a height worm without reason.

Last major addition of Worms: Revolution is the class system. Yes, now and worms classes. There are four such types of worms: Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy. Class of which the worm affects physical appearance and his abilities. Scout is a worm for example thin, fast, can jump incredible distances and can dig tunnels that no other class can not get worms. Heavy on the other hand, is a fat worm and hard, but his attacks are more powerful than any other worm. Scientist has the most advanced versions of certain weapons and give them 5 points teammates life every lap you start. Soldier is good worm at all that we are already accustomed.

Battles can be played both against the computer or against other people, either in the same system or the Internet. The best experience remains that of local multiplayer on the same computer. Internet multiplayer is frustrating due to a combination of a “server browser” poorly thought (not showed me a list of servers but never introduced me into the game) and a timing game that breaks the most important moment of each shift: displaying the damage done to an enemy – usually appears immediately after a low blow and then the game freezes for a few seconds and returns with a much higher value.

No playing against the computer is not the most pleasant experience for a long time is unnecessarily lost because the AI would think pretending to blow before I realized.

The game has a single player campaign that I got bored shortly after I started. The same can be said about training module that is poorly structured and too long for what it actually manages to teach you. The only interesting thing in Chapter Campaign + Training is the narrator’s voice is embodied Don Keystone famous English actor Matt Berry (IT Crowd) that season a little fun playing with some more or less successful, often childish.

Worms: Revolution is a good game, but by no means revolutionary, as insinuated by his name. Although some of the ideas are successful fruition in the new game (including water as a weapon), there is a set of changes that made the game less appealing to old fans of the series Worms and too complicated for those who put first hand in a game of this series.

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