WWE 2009 is here to stay

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 is the next opus in a series that knows THQ on your fingertips, and who meets the public since its already quite a few years with pretty successful. The game works quite well with us, proving that quality can help to exceed the bounds of discipline represented far less of its land. If the 2008 opus was able to leave his mark through additions well thought out, this version scheduled for next fall rather play the card security and the consolidation of acquired based on what we could see a small Committee at this GC 2008. Explanations.

It’s not just in games of football that we create a reworked version at the root every three years to rest on its laurels then, and what WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 should be a new proof. Format annual requires, does not condemn life whatever the final outcome, but the developers own admission on the show, the objective of this new edition will be to fortify the bases rather than go hunt on virgin land. It should also be recalled that revolutionize a game of catch as close to perfection as Smackdown! is not an obvious decision to take, because as some simu football or basketball, this title has gradually become the standard metre of its field, combining a spectacular achievement, game modes ultra rich, and a combat system which has proved its worth. As a result, it will seek innovation on the side of opportunities created for this 2009 opus with a flat resistance, the emergence of an editor finishers claimed by horns and screaming by fans to believe the speech developers . The latter already seems remarkably well bandana with up to ten stages of entertainment chain to create the ultimate punishment, and dozens of movements each time, giving a total of combinations boggles the mind. This means that everyone should find their account to give to his warrior class as much as possible in its special movements.

Apart from that, nothing much new under the sun, as planned. The graphics engine improved although still remains very close to what we have known over the past year, but it must be remembered that it was already at a level difficult to criticism, and the combat system should not excessive movement with its wide opportunities taken against, bids, use of cheating to bluff the referee, management ring, and even a billion other things that connoisseurs will be able to enjoy. We were still talking about new side battle tag team with a lot more combinations to two, as well as better artificial intelligence, or new sequences introduction to each combatant. The characters should also be brought to more than 60 (20% more than in 2008), and load times will finally be reduced, which will really not a luxury. In short, if the profane will not necessarily developments, drugged games of catch should feel all these small improvements subtle, while those who take the train route will not only be impressed at the overall quality of the title. Even without big risk-taking, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 should therefore once again fulfill its contract with the honours thanks to a base already so strong that it will be difficult to shake. Let us hope that just a few months between now and its release is an opportunity for developers to unveil a few new additional small, already mentioned, but that they were unable, or unwilling to, not yet take a decision more in detail.