XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review: 1994? 2012? The same exquisite game

Recent years have often been disappointing when it comes to remakes or sequels. Most attempts to bring to light a classic series ended in failure, although we have not seen what’s going on with the new Baldur’s Gate. But the new XCOM: Enemy Unknown is by far a successful turn-based strategy based on big brother made in 1994, with touches of modernity and simplicity only good for 2012.

It is true that the story seems pulled straight out of a B movie category, with evil aliens attacking Earth and only one team is able to keep the respect and even to reject invasion attempt. You are the commander of this force basically planet, both in terms of database management and direct control of the battle.

The action is divided into two parts: base management, with all that research, construction, expansion and discovery of alien hiding, and direct battles on Earth’s surface, very well designed maps with destructible environments and the possibility of zooming up to the asphalt.

Neither of the two parties is simple. Saving the planet into a large number of nations present in the alliance, but you can not help everyone. If you have three simultaneous attacks, can you introduce yourself to just and country escapes for now, but for the rest, the panic may increase to a level where you drop, starting with all relevant funds.

It’s not very hard to do that on normal difficulty, but Classic is another business and Ironman mode is also a challenge. Ironman AutoSave means that there is only one, so no possibility of return if you made a wrong choice.

Battles are based on two rounds of action points, a simplified system to the original, but critical way. You can choose whether you eat moves to a point of serious coverage or keep one in case you’re the enemy. You can flank and it’s not a good idea to be in open areas because the four soldiers in the team are not waterproof sophisticated alien weapons.

Enemies are also removed from the mentioned like second-class films, with huge heads, very thin and tall, some attacks get close, others come from the air or use unearthly version of a sniper rifle. Whatever the approach, the AI is very effective and about the only flaw is that becomes active only when you get within range of sight. Percentages of success or failure when you pull a gun or throw a grenade are not set in stone – 75% success can mean a misfire and a 30% successful will save you from big trouble.

And many soldiers will die in such assaults, but the interest is to keep them alive. They grow in level and are randomly assigned to one of four classes in the game. Each comes with skills, especially from mental Finally, very useful in multiplayer. In this chapter, players can meet with all their best ranking matches are related, but other than that there is no permanent structure to record your achievements.

On the other hand, XCOM: Enemy Unknown focuses on the single player campaign and I have nothing to blame for this. Has a high replayability value (each nation comes with a special bonus when you start the game), has over 70 missions to address how you think is better and gives you room cinematic adrenaline filled moments during battle.

So, whether you go back to 1994 or stay in 2012, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a great game.

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